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Dublin High School Academic Rankings (API, SAT, AP, ACT, College Admissions)

July 24, 2010

Below is a comprehensive set of Dublin High School API, Advanced Placement (AP), SAT, ACT data, analysis and comparative rankings using the most recent data available.  All Dublin High School API, AP, SAT and ACT data and similar schools rankings were calculated using data from the California Department of Education (CDE) website.  Dublin High School’s college admission results are also summarized based on exit surveys compiled by Dublin High Counseling.  Finally, additional Newsweek and US News and World Report ranking information is provided.

Similar Schools Definition Used in Rankings

The California Department of Education employs a “similar schools” methodology where schools “are ranked compared to 100 other schools with similar demographic characteristics”.  The demographic characteristics defined in the Public Schools Accountability Act (PSAA) are noted at the bottom of this article.  This list of similar schools is used by the CDE to rank Dublin High School. has further used the similar schools list to rank Dublin High School SAT, AP and ACT results as compared to similar schools.  The full list of 100 schools considered “similar” to Dublin High is available here. also compared Dublin High School’s API, SAT, AP and ACT results to all charter high schools in California.

Dublin High School API Results

Dublin High School’s API for 2010-11 was 878. Dublin High currently has a statewide ranking of 10/10 (the top ranking on a scale of 1 to 10) based on academic performance.  Dublin High School also ranked 10/10 compared to the similar schools (both district administered and chartered) list. Read more…

Below are Dublin High School’s API results for the past 6 years as per the California Department of Education.

Year # Students in API Score Base API
2011-12 1220 880
2010-11 1115 878
2009-10 1092 868
2008-9 1015 842
2007-8 1015 798
2006-7 984 795
2005-6 966 794
2004-5 934 789

Dublin High School SAT and ACT Results

As summarized in’s College Primer for Parents, most 4-year colleges require SAT or ACT tests to be taken with performance requirements varying by college.  Families unable to afford a 4-year college program also have the option of community college transfer programs as another path to a 4-year degree (this option can significantly reduce the cost of a 4-year degree).

Based on the data below, Dublin High’s SAT and ACT performance is comparable to similar schools as defined by the California Department of Education. will continue to publish articles and videos to help parents and students prepare for and succeed on these important tests (’s 4-Steps to Higher Scores on Multiple Choice Standardized Tests is one example).

Also of note, 10 Dublin High School seniors were recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Program for their performance on the Fall 2010 PSAT (read more…)

Dublin High School SAT Results vs. Similar Schools

SAT  School Name Percent
2010-11 Similar School SAT 49% 539 554 535 1628
2011-12 Dublin High School SAT 65% 536 569 542 1647
2010-11 Dublin High School SAT 59% 509 552 512 1573
2009-10 Dublin High School SAT 48% 513 554 516 1584
2008-9 Dublin High School SAT 45% 523 562 522 1607
2007-8 Dublin High School SAT 45% 519 565 501 1584
2006-7 Dublin High School SAT 50% 511 564 513 1588
2005-6 Dublin High School SAT 56% 518 564 523 1605

(Note: SAT for 2004-5 and earlier is not directly comparable as the threshold in those reports was >= 1000; as a result that data was not included; 2005-2011 data from the California Dept. of Education, 2011-12 data from the CollegeBoard-provided Profile of SAT Testers at Dublin High School)

Dublin High School ACT Results vs. Similar Schools

ACT School Name Percent
2010-11 Similar Schools ACT 26% 24.5
2011-12 Dublin High School ACT 42% 24.9
2010-11 Dublin High School ACT 33% 24.1
2009-10 Dublin High School ACT 24% 23.3
2008-9 Dublin High School ACT 24% 23.3
2007-8 Dublin High School ACT 21% 23.5
2006-7 Dublin High School ACT 18% 24.6
2005-6 Dublin High School ACT 19% 23.5
2004-5 Dublin High School ACT 16% 22.6

(Note: 2004-20011 data from the California Dept. of Education website; 2011-12 data from the ACT-provided ACT Profile Report for Dublin High School)

Dublin High School Advanced Placement (AP) Test Results

Dublin High School offers 23 Advanced Placement (AP), Advanced and Honors courses as well as an Advanced Scholar Diploma for college preparation.  Advanced Placement tests are administered under strict guidelines set out by the College Board.  In 2012, 110 Dublin High School students won College Board Advanced Placement Awards based on their exam results (details available here). Based on the data below, Dublin High’s AP performance is comparable to similar schools as defined by the California Department of Education.  Given the top decile API performance achieved by Dublin High, views improvements in AP test results as a realistic goal., through participation in Dublin High’s Schools Site Council (SSC) plans to promote improvements in these areas as part of the school improvement plan.

Dublin High School AP Test Results vs. Similar Schools

In May 2012, 337 Dublin High School students took 741 AP exams.

% Exams Score >3 % Exams Score >4 % Exams Score
2010-11 Similar Schools AP 71% 43% 19%
2011-12 Dublin High School AP 75% 47% 20%
2010-11 Dublin High School AP 73% 45% 17%
2009-10 Dublin High School AP 70% 43% 17%
2008-9 Dublin High School AP 66% 37% 15%
2007-8 Dublin High School AP 68% 36% 13%
2006-7 Dublin High School AP 61% 28% 10%
2005-6 Dublin High School AP 73% 41% 13%
2004-5 Dublin High School AP 62% 31% 9%
(Note: 2004-20011 data from the California Dept. of Education website; 2011-12 data from the CollegeBoard)

Dublin High School College Admission Results 2012

Dublin High School Class of 2012 graduates received offers of acceptance from every UC and CSU campus plus Stanford, the US Air Force Academy, Brown, Duke, Purdue, and many more. Read more…

Dublin High School Class of 2011 graduates received offers of acceptance from every UC and CSU campus plus Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Yale, Julliard, West Point, Penn State, Purdue, and many more. Read more…

Dublin High School Class of 2010 graduates received offers of acceptance from every UC and CSU campus plus 6 of the top 10 colleges in the US (Harvard, Princeton, Yale, MIT, Stanford and Columbia) as ranked by the US News and World Report Best Colleges 2010. Read more…

In the most recent period measured by the University of California (2008-9), 84% of Dublin High students who applied to the UC system were accepted. (source: UC StatFinder) has published a Life in College series of articles about the transition from high school to college written by recent Dublin High School graduates:

Newsweek and US News and World Report Rankings

  • Based on Newsweek’s criteria, Dublin High School was included Newsweek’s list of America’s Best High Schools for 2010.  Read more…
  • Dublin High School met 2 of 3 criteria for a Silver ranking in the US News and World Report list of America’s Best High Schools.  Continued API growth is required for Dublin High School to be eligible for recognition.  Read more…

Continuous Improvement

AP, SAT and ACT test score data is one of many inputs used to prioritize school improvements.’s founder is the chairperson of Dublin High’s School Site Council (SSC) for 2012-13 and has shared this analysis with the Dublin Unified School District and Dublin High School administration.  Parents and members of the community interested in further advancing Dublin High School are encouraged to actively participate in school improvement, via school board meetings and Dublin High School organizations including the PFSO, School Site Council, athletic and arts boosters, and via direct interaction with teachers, counselors and administration.

Dublin High School Culture and Spirit

The best people to communicate the culture and spirit of a high school are its students.  These Class of 2010, Class of 2011 and Class of 2012 graduates truly are Dublin High School:

Please notify of any corrections or omissions – these will be addressed.  If you have follow-up questions regarding how comparisons in this article were calculated contact us at


AP, ACT and SAT results were aggregated from here.

PSAA demographic characteristics used to define a “similar school”:

  • Pupil mobility
  • Pupil ethnicity (eight variables)
  • Pupil socioeconomic status (two variables)
  • Percentage of teachers who are fully credentialed
  • Percentage of teachers who hold emergency credentials
  • Percentage of pupils who are English learners (ELs)
  • Average class size per grade level
  • Whether the school operates a multitrack year-round educational program
  • Percentage of grade span enrollments (grades two, three to five, six, seven to eight, and nine to eleven)
  • Percentage of students in gifted and talented education program
  • Percentage of students with disabilities
  • Percentage of reclassified fluent-English-proficient (RFEP) students
  • Percentage of migrant education students