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Life as Biology Major at UC Irvine – Emily Bryant’s Journey from Dublin High School to Science in SoCal

May 23, 2017

Our next article in our Life in College and Women in STEM Series features Dublin High School Class of 2016 graduate and UC Irvine freshman Emily Bryant. Emily is currently pursuing a major in biological sciences at UC Irvine

Me in front of Anteater Statue with Props

Mary Morehead: Transitioning from high school to college, and moving away from home, can be a big deal for many students. What helped you transition to life at UC Irvine?

Emily Bryant: “My planner definitely helped me. Without my planner I would have forgotten some of the things I was supposed to do, a planner helped me stay organized. Taking AP classes at Dublin High School really helped prepare me for college-level classes. I especially recommend AP Bio, AP Chem and AP Calc if you are planning to pursue biology in college. My first year biology class was my AP class from high school in a nutshell, with perhaps a little more detail. When you’ve already seen the material once it really helps prepare you.”

Morehead: Have you decided on a major?

Bryant: “At UC Irvine, at least for biology, you can work towards a general biology major and then in your third year you can choose a more specific major. I’m interested in genetics, so I’m looking to specialize in genetics during my third year.”

Morehead: I understand you are part of a research program. Tell me more about that opportunity. Read more…


Dublin High School Video Production Program Influences Two Students on Their Future Paths

May 22, 2017

DUBLIN, CA–The theater lights dimmed and the final 10 second countdown began. In this case, it marched to the beginning of the 3rd Annual Dublin High School Film Festival. Though in its own relative infancy, Video Production has become one of the most wildly successful academic programs launched at Dublin High in recent memory. The program is helmed by Michael D’Ambrosio.

Due to overwhelming demand, the Film Festival was hosted for the first time on consecutive evenings in the Center for Performing Arts & Education. Tickets for entry were made available online and sold out almost immediately. What attendees gained was the viewing of eight pieces that were panel screened and judged from a total of 72 submissions – the highest number ever for this event. The two hour occasion showcased a myriad of cinematic themes and styles.


On Thursday and Friday, the audiences enthusiastically recognized all of the film makers. The added treat on Friday was that over a dozen Dublin High School alumni of the Video Production program were seated in the theater “pit” located at the front of the venue. As this is not a competition, the true winners were the clients of Culinary Angels. This organization provides healthy/organic meals to those that may not be capable of doing this on their own. And, frequently the clients are managing a health malady – including cancer. So, the entire event encompassed the arts and benevolence. This was the perfect recipe to highlight student driven arts.

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Dublin School District Policies are Impairing Student Sleep and Wellness (Open Letter)

May 21, 2017

I sent the following letter to the Dublin Unified School District Board of Trustees and leadership this morning after watching a compelling TED Talk on the risks of teen sleep deprivation and how the policies of many school districts, including the Dublin Unified School District, are impairing student wellness.

TO: DUSD Board of Trustees and Leadership

“Good morning – I hope everyone had a good night’s sleep, our kids are sleeping in – which is great.

“Please take 10 minutes to watch this compelling TED Talk. The data on sleep and teen health is unambiguous. ‘Wendy Troxel: Why school should start later for teens
“Unfortunately, DUSD and DHS policies are impairing teen sleep. We have continued to support policies that are contrary to student wellness. Specifically:
  • Zero period (7am) – 90 minutes earlier than the recommended school start time of 8:30am (there is currently a bill working through the California State legislature to ban school starting before 8:30am – it was recently approved by the Senate Education Committee).
  • Athletic teams permitted to have practices before the start of school
“For kids that live within walking distance of DHS these early start times are damaging to teen physical and mental health. For teens on the east side of Dublin the risk is amplified – for the communities farthest away add on 30 minutes of commute time. Tired teens who are now driving – because there are no bus options that early.
“Do the responsible thing and take the first step for the 2017-18 school year. Ban zero period and athletic practices before the start of school. Then move on to plan for period 1 starting at 8:30am as recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.”

Dublin High School Student Art Gallery: A Visual Treat Not To Be Missed

May 20, 2017

DUBLIN, CA–The Dublin High School Art Department is showcasing student artwork through Friday May 26, during lunch, in Room N-104. The Art Gallery opened with an official community reception on Thursday May 18 in conjunction with the Evening of the Arts and the Dublin High School Film Festival.


The exhibit features the work of students in AP Studio Art, Intermediate Drawing, Intermediate Painting, Beginning 2D Design, Digital Animation, and Sculpture & Ceramics. It was fascinating to walk through the gallery, and see the broad range of art created by the remarkably talented students of Dublin High School. Read more…

Dublin Public Schools Celebrate 150 Years of Education This Saturday

May 19, 2017

DUBLIN, CA–Newer residents are often surprised to find out that the City of Dublin is only 35 years old. After rapid home development in the 1960’s and 1970’s, the town faced an increased need for formal infrastructure. However, many residents resisted its incorporation. Finally, the City of Dublin was established in 1982. Of course, the history of the Dublin area goes back numerous decades. In 1835, Jose Maria Amador was granted thousands of acres for his service as a Mexican soldier. 15 years later, a group of Irish settlers purchased a portion of the land who then founded the town of Dublin.

Old Murray School at Old Location 1950s

In 1867, the Murray Schoolhouse was constructed and put into operation. With the eventual expansion of I-580 it was necessary to move this historical building and it is currently available to view at the Dublin Heritage Center on Dublin Blvd.

As the city grew through the late 20th century, the management of Dublin schools was actually controlled by the city of Pleasanton which had incorporated many years earlier. Today, all district schools are performing at accelerated levels. And recently, Dublin High School, Fallon Middle School and Wells Middle School received the Gold Ribbon Award designation from the State of California. Read more…

Dublin High School Senior Awards Night Class of 2017: “I am Dublin High”

May 18, 2017

DUBLIN, CA–Dublin High School’s annual Senior Awards Night filled the Dublin High School Athletic Complex with students, parents, educators and members of the community. Over $4.0 million in scholarships and awards were presented to Dublin High School Class of 2017 students for their academic achievements, including over 55 merit scholarships for colleges nationwide and a U.S. Air Force ROTC Scholarship awarded to Joseph Liu and a U.S. Army ROTC Scholarship awarded to Alexi Spooner.


Dublin High School Class of 2017 Senior Heading to Columbia University

Included in the event was the traditional passing of the gavel ceremony where outgoing senior and student body president Jennifer Dyer introduced incoming student body president Liliana Ogden.

Students were recognized for academic achievements across a wide variety of subjects and interests (full list below) and one student, senior Cedric Le, received the Best Attendance Award for not missing a single day of school throughout all four years of high school. The Dublin High School Class of 2017 also featured eight National Merit Scholarship finalists and one National Merit Scholarship winner. prepared the eigth annual edition of the popular “I am Dublin High” video (see below) featuring 144 Dublin High School Class of 2017 seniors sharing their post-high school plans.

Photos and video: James Morehead and Michael Utsumi for

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Dublin School Board Approves “Cottonwood Creek” Name for New K-8 School

May 10, 2017

DUBLIN, CA–The newest school in the Dublin Unified School District has a name. At Tuesday night’s Board of Trustees meeting, the Board approved the name for the K-8 school/park site that will be opening in the fall of 2018. The school will be called Cottonwood Creek School, named for a tributary that runs near the site of the school/park in the Jordan Ranch Development. The name was approved 4-1 (Yea: Megan Rouse, Amy Miller, Dan Cunningham, Dan Cherrier; Nay: Joe Giannini). Also considered were Colina Ventosa School (Spanish for “Windy Hill”) and Virginia S. Bennett School (which would have continued the tie-in with Dublin history).

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 6.57.02 PM

“We are excited to mark this important milestone in the process of opening our new school and park site,” said Board of Trustees President Megan Rouse. “We think this is a wonderful, distinctive name and we look forward to the next steps in the process toward opening Cottonwood Creek School for our students and community.”

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