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Dublin School Board’s Joe Giannini on Being an Effective Trustee

September 11, 2017

DUBLIN, CA–How Dublin Unified School District Trustees are elected has been in the news lately, with Dublin soon moving from an at-large to a trustee-area model (read more…). To get a better sense of what it’s like to be a Dublin School Board Trustee we recently spoke with Trustee Joe Giannini who is in his first year on the Dublin School Board.


Joe Giannini What is the time commitment of a Dublin School Board Trustee?

Trustee Joe Giannini: “When I joined the Board I had a good idea of what the commitment would be: there is at least one long meeting per week during the school year (from 4:30pm to midnight) plus committees involving multi-hour meetings. There are also education events and training opportunities. For Trustees like myself who have full-time jobs it’s a challenge to make the schedule work, and still have time for family and a social life. In my case I work at SFO and the nature of my job means I can’t work from home, and taking time off means taking vacation days.

“I think a lot of people believe that being a Trustee is a full-time job. Trustees are only paid a stipend of under $5000 per year so Trustees are typically balancing full-time jobs with being a Trustee. Being a Trustee is a significant time commitment but isn’t a full-time job like being a Congressperson or Senator.”

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Student Council Tradition Continues at Frederiksen Elementary School

September 1, 2017

DUBLIN, CA–On Tuesday, the release bell sounded at 2:00 PM at Frederiksen Elementary School. However, dozens of students began to gather on the black top and in front of a closed door to Room 17. Why did these children elect to stay after school? About 10 minutes later, a surprised 3rd Grade teacher Kenna Moirao opened the door and welcomed these fourth and fifth graders by instructing them that every desk should be occupied and that the overflow would be handled by taking a seat on the carpet at the front of the classroom.


The occasion was to orient all in attendance to the purpose of the Frederiksen Student Council. The presentation underscored the importance of the endeavor, the scope of all positions available and a set of leadership “expectations” that should be demonstrated by all that are involved. This is not necessarily something new to Ms. Moirao. She has worked in the teaching profession for eight years. Additionally, this is her third year as Student Council Advisor at Fred.
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Dublin Unified School District Releases Map Options for New Trustee Area Elections

August 31, 2017

DUBLIN, CA–As reported earlier this summer, due to a lawsuit threatened by Malibu, CA based attorney Kevin Shenkman related to the California Voting Rights Act of 2001 (CVRA), Dublin will be moving from an “at-large” to a “trustee-area” voting model. To do so requires drawing map boundaries for each trustee.

Seven options are now being considered (see maps below), two proposed by the community and five by the District demographer. According to the District, “all seven of the map options being considered meet the legal requirements outlined in CVRA. Those maps that were submitted by the community but are not being considered were not legally compliant.”

There will be several community meetings and public hearings leading up to the Oct 22, 2017 deadline: Read more…

Contentious Dublin School Board Meeting Sets Funding and Size for Second High School

August 23, 2017

DUBLIN, CA–By the end of Tuesday’s bi-monthly Dublin Unified School District meeting, the final vote on the last motion was three to two. It was a result that left many residents and even two Trustees feeling unsatisfied. The key item on the agenda was a discussion and then decision of what portion of Measure H funds would be devoted to a second comprehensive high school in Dublin.


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Dougherty Elementary School Welcomes New Kindergarten Complex with Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

August 14, 2017

DUBLIN, CA–Under cloudless skies on Sunday, a large group of residents, school staff and representatives from the Dublin Unified School District (DUSD) welcomed the newest extension of classrooms at Dougherty Elementary School. Located at the Northeast corner of the campus, citizens gathered for a moment to hear from a number of speakers and, to then witness a ceremonial ribbon cutting.

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Dublin High School Engineering and Biomed Academies Seek Industry Mentors

August 11, 2017

DUBLIN, CA–The Dublin High School Engineering and Design Academy (DEDA) and Biomedical Academy are seeking volunteer mentors for the 2017-18 school year. The students participating in this Mentorship Program are all 11th graders in the Dublin Engineering & Design Academy (DEDA). Students and mentors will be matched into groups of 1-2 per students per one adult mentor. The program carefully matches students to a mentor who has a similar personality type, interests, and career theme. Participating students benefit from learning how to interact with their peers and adults in a professional setting regardless of career interests.

  • “I liked having a positive influence on a young person’s life and helping them gain perspective on the choices they will make in the next few years.” – Cory, mentor
  • “My mentor was very helpful and patient with me. I came pretty confused and anxious about what I wanted to do and if I was even going to get into some colleges I wanted to go to but my mentor told me to take a deep breathe and to try to relax. She told me to have fun and to make sure I wasn’t too stressed. I shared some personal information with her and I was glad I did, she also gave me a lot of advice and ideas for what I could do in the future.” – Chloe
  • “It was a great experience to interact with students and be able to pass along crucial information that can help them in their future careers. It was also very well organized and structured in a way that I felt that the program helped me be a better mentor.” – Jefferson, mentor
  • “I’m glad I got to have this opportunity and I think especially this year, where being a junior has been challenging, it was nice to take days to just think about life with someone more knowledgeable and could offer advice.” – Divyaa, student

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Dublin High School’s Freshman Mentor Program Welcomes the Class of 2021

August 10, 2017

DUBLIN, CA–Now in its third year, Dublin High School’s Freshman Mentor Program (FMP) continues to provide each freshman with a welcoming and supportive environment that helps ease their transition from middle school to high school. Incoming FMP mentors and some faculty advisors attended an orientation at the District Office on Wednesday, August 9 to kick off the program for the 2017-2018 school year, as well as prepare for the upcoming freshman orientation on August 11.


FMP was started in 2015 by Dublin High English teacher Jennifer Angel-Diaz and then-Vice Principal Maureen Byrne, in an effort to help support and guide freshmen as they navigate through their first year of high school.

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