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Dublin High School Teacher Priyanka Dadlani on Students Taking Responsibility for Chemistry Education

September 14, 2016

msdadlaniDUBLIN, CA–Ms. Priyanka Dadlani is the new Chemistry and Honors Chemistry teacher at Dublin High School. However, this is not her first year teaching at the high school level: she taught AP Chemistry and regular Chemistry at Half Moon Bay High School last year. Ms. Dadlani also has been teaching Honors Chemistry over the past few summers as a part of the DPIE STEM Enrichment Academy. According to her, she “really enjoyed the experience, overall vibe, and community here”, which prompted her to move to Dublin High School.

Ms. Dadlani was born in India, but grew up and went to school in Sacramento. She attended UC Berkeley, where she majored in Chemistry and received her Bachelor’s of Science, and obtained her teaching credential there as well. She also taught for a year at Berkeley High School as a student teacher before moving to Half Moon Bay.

She credits her AP Chemistry teacher from high school for getting her interested in majoring in Chemistry. “Back in high school, my AP Chem teacher really made the subject exciting and interesting,” she says, “which was different from my other classes, which were so textbook-oriented and not really as engaging.”

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Dublin School Board Candidates Forum to be Held Wed. Oct 5 – 7pm

September 13, 2016

DUBLIN, CA–, a volunteer organization committed to celebrating education excellence, will be holding a Dublin Unified School District Candidates Forum on Wednesday October 5 at 7pm (doors open 6:30pm). Question suggestions can be submitted here.

The Forum, which will provide Dublin School Board candidates an opportunity to debate issues important to Dublin public education, will be held in the Dublin Unified School District Board Room (7471 Larkdale Ave., Dublin). The public and media are welcome.


All seven candidates vying for the three full-term (four years) and one short-term (two years) school board seats have agreed to participate in the Forum:

  • Gabrielle Blackman – Parent (full-term candidate)
  • Dan Cherrier – Civil Engineer (short-term candidate)
  • Dan Cunningham – Incumbent (full-term candidate)
  • Joe Giannini – Parent/Police Officer (full-term candidate)
  • Sameer Hakim – Appointed Incumbent (short-term candidate)
  • Amy Miller – Incumbent (full-term candidate)
  • Xiaozhao Zhuang – Registered Nurse/Parent (full-term candidate)

The Forum will be moderated by Founder James Morehead. Question suggestions can be submitted here.

Note: This event is not sponsored or endorsed by the Dublin Unified School District.

Fallon Middle School Combines Philippine Tinikling Dance with P.E.

September 12, 2016

The spirit of innovation in the Physical Education program at Fallon Middle School continues to burn brightly in 2016. Following our profile on the successful Swing Dance program from last year, we were fortunate to witness a highly unique P.E. program at FMS. Through the support of the staff and administration, a 6th Grade Tinikling Showcase was presented in the MPR on Friday.

Tinikling is a traditional Philippine dance that dates back to the Spanish colonial era. Traditionally, it requires bamboo as a percussive instrument and it is banged against the ground between two people and conducted in rhythm. To complete this ballet, a dancer is expected to dance through and over this cacophony – without damage to his/her ankles. At its best, it is almost symphonic. Handled clumsily, it may have poor results.


Through a kind invitation from Amy Jones at Fallon, we were able to witness the fruits of several weeks of hard work by some FMS 6th graders. Further, we were able to explore this subject more deeply with Physical Education instructor, Marissa Volk, who was deeply involved in getting this program off the ground. While the Tinikling “segment” is not entirely new to Fallon, this was the first year that parents were invited to watch the events in the MPR.

Ms. Volk is in her fourth year of employment at Fallon Middle School instructing in Yoga, Pilates and Dance. Here, she shared some of her observations.

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Life at Colby College – Dublin High School’s Robert Durst Skates from Hockey to Computer Science

September 9, 2016

DUBLIN, CA–Next up in our popular Life in College Series is a profile of Dublin High School Class of 2014 alum and Colby College (Waterville, Maine) sophomore Robert Durst. Along the way Robert also spent a year at Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire as he pursued a passion for hockey and an interest in computer science.

robert-durst When you graduated from Dublin High School you attended a prep school instead of college, what drove that decision?

Robert Durst: “There were many reasons. First and foremost like many kids who play hockey here, it isn’t very direct to get from high school or club hockey to college hockey. There are many routes people take to pursue hockey: ‘juniors’ is playing hockey full-time and there are multiple levels; prep school, which I hadn’t heard of until a coach reached out to me, is essentially another year of high school combining school and hockey. The extra year made sense for me because I wasn’t sure which path I wanted to follow.” Did the prep school option also make you more visible to coaches?

Durst: “I did well at Dublin High School so I was already looking to move out of California and attend an East Coast college. I was also good at hockey but there weren’t Division 1 coaches knocking on my door. In the Northeast there’s NESCAC (the New England Small College Athletic Conference) which includes good schools that play Division 3 hockey.” Hockey was an important part of your high school experience, and you played for the San Jose Junior Sharks. How did you end up shifting your focus from hockey to computer science? Read more…

Dublin High School English Teacher Gabrielle Vidrio on Inspiring Teen Writers (and Runners!)

September 6, 2016


IMG_3511 (1)DUBLIN, CA–2016 marks the second year at Dublin High School for Mrs. Gabrielle Vidrio, who taught Sophomore CP English and Expository Writing last year. Mrs. Vidrio now joins the 9th Advanced English team, while still continuing to teach Sophomore CP English. This year, she is also an assistant coach for the Dublin High School Cross Country Team; along with the other coaches, she dedicates much of her time outside school hours encouraging and motivating our student athletes.

Mrs. Vidrio grew up in Roseville, California, and attended UC Berkeley, where she majored in English and Sociology. Prior to joining Dublin High, she taught sixth grade English in Oakland.

I recently sat down with Mrs. Vidrio to learn more about her passion and enthusiasm for English, as well as her love for Cross Country.

Neha Harpanhalli: Why did you decide to join Dublin High School last year?

Gabrielle Vidrio: “I love the Bay Area, and I’ve been here now for about seven years. I heard about the community through my husband — he coaches soccer for Dublin United — and so I’ve interacted with a lot of the parents and the families here. I just love their commitment to excellence, as well as their friendliness and positivity. And I was really impressed when I walked onto campus for interviews and informal visits.”

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Dublin School Board Approves New Dublin High School Engineering and Science Building

September 2, 2016

DUBLIN, CA–At Thursday’s Dublin High School Back to School night the parent packet included notice of an important decision made earlier this summer by the Dublin Unified School District Board of Trustees that you may have missed while on vacation (we at OneDublin definitely did!).

To accommodate rapid growth in Dublin High School’s Engineering and Design Academy and the need for more science lab capacity, the Dublin School Board unanimously approved the design of a new 3-story Engineering and Science Building on the Dublin High School campus, replacing Building EE. The new building would include a maintenance shop, additional student and staff restrooms and most importantly 18 new classrooms, including five dedicated engineering classrooms. The project is made possible by Measure E and the recently passed Measure H bond measures.

Construction is planned to start in the summer / fall of 2018. More details are available here.

Dublin High School Engineering and Science Building Mocks

Meet Dublin Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Leslie Boozer

August 25, 2016

DUBLIN, CA–The Dublin Unified School District has a new Superintendent to lead Dublin schools through a period of unprecedented growth and change. Dr. Leslie Boozer, who earned a Doctor in Education from Harvard University and was most recently Superintendent for the Fontana Unified School District, sat down with to share her vision for Dublin public education.

IMG_2653 You completed grad school with a degree in law and started your career as an attorney. What drew you to education?

Dr. Leslie Boozer: “I loved law school and the study of law. When I was practicing law, I was a litigator for a big firm and I realized I wanted to do something more in public service. When I thought about what made me the happiest and had the greatest impact on my life it was always school. I had to move around quite a bit growing up; my father worked for State Farm and was transferred a lot, so I ended up moving in the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th grades. Every time I went to a new school I realized how welcomed, supported and cared for I was by the teachers and staff, and I loved school. I moved out to Los Angeles at a time when they were recruiting for teachers and kept seeing billboards about openings. During law school I was as a teaching assistant and loved teaching, and realized that was where my heart was. I spoke with some of the high school teachers I’d kept in touch with, shared my interest in teaching and they believed it was a perfect fit for me. Ever since I’ve known education was the right path for me.” How did your experience as a classroom teacher, working with children, impact you personally?

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