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Dublin Trailblazer and Supporter of Public Education Don Biddle Honored with Community Park

August 25, 2022

2022 is a very significant milestone for Dublin – for many reasons. The city recently celebrated its 40th year of incorporation. On the surface, that may seem to be a very “youthful” number, however, it’s helpful to consider some history. It is equally important to recognize one of the city’s pioneers and his steadfast support of the town’s students. That individual is Don Biddle. The establishment of the transcontinental railroad fueled the rapid growth of both Pleasanton and Livermore in the late 1800’s. For decades though, Dublin remained a comparable dusty patch that was known more as a hub for freight and the town had relatively few residents relative to its neighbors. However, with the onset of World War II, three separate military bases were rapidly constructed where troops lived and trained. By the end of the war, over 300,000 personnel had spent significant time in the area.

The Don Biddle Community Park in Dublin will celebrate a Grand Opening on Saturday, September 24th from 10 am to 1 pm. Photo by: Michael Utsumi

In the 1960’s, developer Volk-McClain selected Dublin as a sizeable housing marketplace opportunity. The creation of these new housing tracts also attracted families. Additional residential builders followed suit and the population growth had then become exponential. The requisite desire to provide infrastructure services and the changing composition of the town led the city to ultimately incorporate in 1982. The inception of any endeavor requires the vision and hard work of many people. Mr. Biddle’s efforts were vital and connected to almost every element of the city that we now enjoy. He served on the Planning Commission, on City Council and functioned as Vice Mayor. During the unincorporated phase of Dublin, the governance of schools was guided by the former Murray School District based in Pleasanton. The Dublin Unified School District was established in 1987 and Don served as a founding Trustee through 1990. With the establishment of the Dublin Partners in Education in 1992, he was one its earliest board members. As a member of numerous transportation boards, Mr. Biddle ensured that bus routes would successfully serve students that resided in the rapidly growing eastern hemisphere of town.

Play area at the Don Biddle Community Park. Photo by: Michael Utsumi

So, why this trip through memory lane? At times, it is important to honor the past to give clarity to the future. Mr. Biddle passed away in early 2018 at the age of 80. In recognition of his decades of service to Dublin, the City Council affirmed that a proposed community park adjacent to Camp Parks and the Boulevard development would be named in his honor – an honorably discharged U.S. Army First Lieutenant. Construction of this 30-acre public space has been ongoing and will be completed in time for a Grand Opening on September 24, 2022. Among other amenities, the project will include a community garden, a picnic/BBQ area, veterans art, sport courts and multiple play areas.

Play area at the Don Biddle Community Park. Photo by: Michael Utsumi

As Dublin evolves and the school community continues to grow, there will be an even greater need for more leaders/volunteers. We encourage you to get involved with your school or the greater Dublin community. There would be no greater way to honor the legacy of Mr. Biddle. For more information about the Don Biddle Community Park Grand Opening celebration visit:

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