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Dublin High School Funds Expanded Access to ACT Plan College Prep Testing

December 14, 2012

Dublin High School recently announced that starting this year all sophomores will take the ACT Plan preparation test during school hours and free of charge next Tuesday, Dec. 18. Most competitive colleges require students to take either the ACT or SAT as part of their college admissions requirements. The test will be administered to mimic actual test conditions. In 2012, the ACT surpassed the SAT as the most popular college entrance exam in the U.S.

In addition to providing all sophomores the experience of writing a college entrance exam, the ACT Plan also provides feedback on interests that will help with the college and career path selection process.

Kim Halket, Head Counselor, Dublin High School – “The ACT Plan has so many benefits for both the student and the school. Students will have the chance to practice a full length ACT test (without the essay portion), take a career interest survey, and complete a college interest survey which connects them to schools. Students will then receive their test booklet back with the results so they can study and improve their score for the actual ACT. The results provide them with an estimated ACT score, and shows them where the stand academically based on the ACT Plan standards as compared to other sophomores in the US.

“For Dublin High School, we will receive a breakdown of the results and standards and how our students did in each area of math, science and English. We can then share this with each department to help teachers see what we need to work on in the classroom for better scores in the future.

“This is a great opportunity for all our sophomores. We have offered the ACT Plan for the last three years, but on a Saturday, and we usually had about one-third of the class take it. This year we will have results for the entire class of 477 students!”

For parents of Dublin High School sophomores, encourage your student to enjoy a full night’s sleep next Monday in preparation for the ACT Plan, and review the results of the exam when available to help with college prep planning.

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