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Dublin High School Advances in SAT, ACT, AP Exam Results and UC/CSU Eligibilty

October 22, 2012

Dublin High Academic Awards Night 2012

Dublin High School’s Class of 2012 drove improvements in SAT, ACT and AP exam results according to data recently released by the CollegeBoard (who administer the SAT and AP exams) and ACT. UC/CSU eligibility, based on students successfully completing the required “a” – “g” courses as classified by the University of California, also improved significantly, in part due to increased graduation requirements. The gains were combined with increased participation as more Dublin High students participate in college prep assessments for 4-year colleges. The improvements build on the recently announced API gain to 880 for Dublin High. Dublin High SAT, ACT, AP and UC/CSU eligibility results are summarized below.

Dublin Unified School District Board of Trustees President Greg Tomlinson: “Despite deep budget cuts from the state, our new learning initiatives, increased graduation requirements, and advanced diploma options are producing results. Dublin High is the only high school in the Tri-Valley with a 10/10 similar schools ranking from the state on the latest Academic Performance Index. We are working to ensure every student is college and career ready. We have more and more students taking AP classes, pursuing the Diploma with Distinction and Advanced Scholar Diploma, meeting UC/CSU requirements, and achieving proficient and advanced levels of knowledge on state tests. Dublin High offers over 22 Advanced Placement and honors classes and we’re especially proud of significant progress closing the ‘achievement gap’. Year after year, many of our students are offered scholarships and admission to the country’s most elite schools. If you’re willing to work hard, you can get a great education in Dublin.”

Earlier this year, Dublin High’s Class of 2012 also received acceptance letters from every UC and CSU campus plus Stanford, the US Air Force Academy, Brown, Duke, Purdue, and many more (read more…).

Dublin High School SAT Results 2011-12

SAT Results School(s) Percent

Similar Schools 49% 539 554 535 1628
2011-12 Dublin High 65% 536 569 542 1647
2010-11 Dublin High 59% 509 552 512 1573

Dublin High School ACT Results 2011-12

ACT Results School(s) Percent
Similar Schools 26% 24.5
2011-12 Dublin High 42% 24.9
2010-11 Dublin High 33% 24.1

Dublin High School AP Exam Results 2011-12

AP Results School(s) # of Exam
# Exams
Score >3
# Exams
Score >4
# Exams
Score >5
Similar Schools 66% 37% 15%
2011-12 Dublin High 337 76% 47% 20%
2010-11 Dublin High 261 73% 45% 17%

Dublin High School UC/CSU Eligibility 2011-12

UC / CSU Eligibility School(s) Total Grads DHS UC/CSU
Alameda County 49%
2011-12 Dublin High 356 65%
2010-11 Dublin High 336 58%

Notes: For SAT / ACT / AP result a comparison with similar schools is readily available from the California Department of Education DataQuest service and is shown. For UC/CSU eligibility, a comparison with Alameda County results is shown. Because the DataQuest database has a one year delay, the similar school and county comparisons are for 2010-11 data.

Dublin High School’s Counseling Department prepares an annual profile that summarizes key academic metrics. The 2012 profile is available here. District staff will be presenting a comprehensive report on student achievement results covering all schools at the Tuesday October 23 Board of Trustees meeting (summary report available here). also maintains a comprehensive set of Dublin High School academic rankings (available here).

Student academic achievement and college readiness is recognized in multiple ways at Dublin High School. These awards enhance a student’s academic portfolio for college applications, and are recognized annually at the Dublin High School Senior Awards Night.

Dublin High School can do more. The founder of is chairperson of Dublin High School’s Site Council and is recommending an expanded focus on key college preparation metrics in the next 3-year Dublin High School Single Plan for Student Achievement, which is currently in development.

School Board President Greg Tomlinson, “As we work to further close the achievement gap, we must also focus on the ‘engagement gap’ to ensure students see the material value of their education and specific classes. New technology with easy online access to various data sources mean students learn differently than they did even a few years ago. We must ensure all students have access to these tools and provide our teachers with professional development resources so they may utilize the latest techniques to reach all students. We must look deeper into the SAT and ACT scores and ensure we’re properly preparing students for success on these exams.”