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Dublin School District 2012 API Breaks 900, Dublin High School API Improves to 880

October 11, 2012

The Dublin Unified School District’s overall API in 2012 rose to 901, driven by 40+ point gains at Dublin Elementary School (928), Frederiksen Elementary School (894) and Wells Middle School (870), while Dublin High School improved its API to 880. Improvements were recorded across the district for numerically significant socio-economic and ethnic sub-groups, as well as students with disabilities.

Kolb Elementary School’s first API result proved strong at 920, while John Green Elementary School (961 – highest in the district), Dougherty Elementary School (948) and Fallon Middle School (933) continued above the 900-level. For Fallon Middle School it was the first year reporting results as a 6-8 middle school (following the opening of Kolb Elementary School last year). Murray Elementary School (860) declined by 1.2% to 860. The California Department of Education lists Dublin High School’s Statewide Rank as a 10 (where 10 is the highest rank and 1 is the lowest rank, read more…). Dublin High School’s latest academic rankings for API, SAT, ACT and AP test results, and college admissions results, are available here.

A detailed breakdown of all Dublin Unified School District API results is available here.

Note that Valley High School (API 607) is considered a small school by the California Department of Education (less than 99 students), and as a result API results are not considered as reliable.

The Dublin Unified School District’s API results broken down by subgroup are as follows:

Subgroup Number of Students Included
in 2011 API
Numerically Significant in
Both Years
Subgroup API
2012 Growth 2011 Base 2011 – 12 Growth
Black or African
323 Yes 812 784 +17
American Indian or
Alaska Native
18 No 877 912
Asian 1,409 Yes 959 950 +9
Filipino 385 Yes 921 901 +20
Hispanic or Latino 742 Yes 834 807 +27
Native Hawaiian or
Pacific Islander
30 No 860 815
White 1,827 Yes 900 883 +17
Two or More Races 133 Yes 887 874 +13
552 Yes 807 789 +18
English Learners 639 Yes 852 829 +23
Students with
299 Yes 736 682 +54

Full details of the 2012 API results for each school including 2012 test results that are used in calculating API scores are available here.