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Dublin Unified School District API Results

In California, a school’s API (Academic Performance Index) is one way of evaluating academic performance and comparing schools.  A school’s API aggregates and normalizes the results of standardized tests (STAR and CAHSEE tests) and is measured on a scale of 200 to 1000.  Other factors used to normalize results across California are applied.  Schools are also compared to “similar school” sub-groups (to allow comparison to schools with like demographics).  Finally, API results are also reported for demographic sub-groups to access progress for different socioeconomic, ethnic and special needs groups of students.

The California Department of Education goal is for all schools to exceed and then maintain an API of 800.  Schools below 800 have growth targets based on prior year results.  API results for schools reporting less than 99 data points are considered unreliable due to the small sample size.  A school’s “growth API” is the result for the most recent period and the “base API” is the result for the prior period.

Below are API results for Dublin Unified School District schools.  Valley High School (a continuation high school) is considered a small school (less than 99 data points) and has therefore been excluded.

School 2013 Growth API 2012 Base API 2012-13 Change
Dublin Unified School District 904 901 +3
Dublin High School 877 880 -3
Fallon Middle School 930 933 -3
Wells Middle School 874 870 +4
Dougherty Elementary School 955 948 +7
Dublin Elementary School 917 928 -11
Frederiksen Elementary School 904 894 +9
Green Elementary School 963 961 +2
Kolb Elementary School 939 920 +19
Murray Elementary School 866 860 +6

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