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Dublin High Advanced Scholar Diploma

The Dublin Unified School District, encouraged by broad support from Dublin parents, approved a new Advanced Scholar Diploma for the Dublin High graduating class of 2011, adding a third diploma option for Dublin High students.

Dublin High’s Advanced Scholars Diploma was designed to help students and their parents know what is expected of them if a top UC campus or private college is their goal.  The requirements are both academic and non-academic, reflecting that the best colleges look for students bringing a diverse experience to the table.

The summary requirements of Dublin High’s Advanced Scholar Diploma are as follows:

  • English (P)  (4 Years)
  • Mathematics (P)  (4 Years)
  • Science (P)  (4 Years)
  • Social Studies (P)  (3 Years)
  • Physical Education  (2 Years)
  • Visual/Performing Arts (P)  (1 Year)
  • World Language (P)  (3 Years)
  • Health/CHEE  (1 Sem.)
  • Electives (Must include one year of college prep elective)
  • In addition:

Below is are the Advanced Placement (AP), Advanced and Honors courses offered at Dublin High for college prep:

Mathematics and Science


Foreign Language

Social Science


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