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“I am Dublin High” Senior Awards Night Class of 2010

May 28, 2010 attended the Dublin High School Class of 2010 Senior Awards Night earlier this week and witnessed senior after senior rewarded for their academic and extracurricular efforts.  Over $450,000 in scholarships have been awarded to the Class of 2010, and a subset of those awards were presented in person.  Students choosing to serve their country with military service were also recognized.

Among the awards and scholarships presented: National Merit Scholarship, Rotary Student of the Year, Lions Club Scholarship, 20 Bank of America Achievement Awards, 20 California Scholarship Federation Life Members, Scholarships from colleges across the US (here are just a few: Columbia University, Chapman University, Biola University, UC – Davis,  UC – Irvine, Oregon Institute of Technology and Westmont College), Dublin High Alumni Scholarships, Dublin Athletic Boosters awards, Dublin High Irish Guard Band Boosters awards and the Dublin / San Ramon Women’s Club Scholarship.  In all, over 100 students were recognized in over 70 award and scholarship categories. published a primer on college scholarships (more information available here) to help parents and students navigate the many options for making college more affordable.

For the most inspiring 3 minutes available on enjoy Dublin High students celebrating their collegiate success in “I am Dublin High – Class of 2010”:

Dublin High School students recently produced this spotlight on Dublin High:

Dublin High School

Senior Awards Ceremony

May 26, 2010

Pledge of Allegiance: Ravali Reddy, Student Body President, Dublin High School

Welcome and Introductions: Ms. Carol Shimizu, Principal, Dublin High School

Scholarship and Awards Presentation

  • Ms. Carol Shimizu, Principal, Dublin High School
  • Mr. William Branca, Assistant Principal
  • Ms. Maureen Byrne, Assistant Principal, Class of 2012, 2013
  • Ms. Theresa Young, Assistant Principal, Class of 2010, 2011

Passing of the Gavel

  • Student Body President 2009-2010: Ravali Reddy
  • Student Body President 2010-2011: Benjamin Young

Senior Class Officer Awards

  • Senior Class President: Ashleigh Montgomery
  • Senior Class Vice President: Amy Frantz
  • Senior Class Treasurer: Ryan Malaeb
  • Senior Class Secretary: Brian Cahn

Jostens Senior of the Year: Ravali Reddy

U.S. Air Force: Joseph Garza

U.S. Army: Stephanie Bowman

U.S. Marine Corp: Richard Mitobe

U.S. Navy: Patrick Luntey, Matthew Pecota

Singapore Military: Ebenzer Tan

United States Marine Corp:

  • Distinguished Athlete Award Program: Amy Frantz, Kenny Caldira
  • Scholastic Excellence Award: Sarah Wolfish, Christian Gage Estropia
  • Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence: Ann Kenney, Nicholas Kouri


Justin & Sara Peelle Student Athlete Scholarship/Mentorship Award: James Somerville

Dave Burton Scholarship: Julia Pak

Don Nelson Scholarship: Brent Reed

Dublin High Alumni Scholarships

  • Sarah May
  • Dennis D. Sidbury, ’87 Scholarship: Taylor Fulwiler, Justin Minor

Dublin Athletic Boosters

  • Samantha Deering
  • Justin Minor
  • Brent Reed
  • James Somerville
  • W. Kagan Wilkinson

Dublin High Irish Guard Band Boosters Scholarship

  • Kyle Brassea
  • Ann Kenney
  • Nicholas Kouri
  • George Tanner

Director’s Award: Devin DeCarie

Dublin/San Ramon Women’s Club Scholarship

  • Samantha Deering
  • Justin Minor
  • George Tanner

Lions Student of the Month

  • September: Ravali Reddy
  • October: W. Kagan Wilkinson
  • November: Amy Frantz
  • December: Amanda Briones
  • January: Melyssa Lloyd
  • February: Brandon Lee
  • March: Terri Burgess
  • April: Brian Cahn
  • May: Ryan Malaeb
  • June: Sarah Wolfish

Lions Club Scholarship

  • Amy Frantz
  • W. Kagan Wilkinson

Louis Arcuri Memorial Scholarship: Nicholas Kouri

Dublin Teachers Awards (DTA)

  • Brian Cahn
  • James Sievers

CIF Farmers Scholar/Athlete of the Year: James Somerville

Dr. Patterson & Dr. Lachia Scholarship: Julia Pak

Nestle USA: Natalie Dayton

PFSO Scholarship

  • Lauren Baumann
  • Samantha Deering
  • Amy Frantz
  • Van Le
  • Sarah Mahar
  • Alyssa Malfatti

Rotary Student of the Month

  • September: Ravali Reddy
  • October: Aparna Varma
  • November: Sarah Wolfish
  • December: Jaclyn Liu
  • January: Lapon Wongyai
  • February: Jordan Mafnas
  • March: Ann Kenney
  • April: Julia Pak
  • May:Jasmine Davidson

Rotary Student of the Year: Julia Pak

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/Young Epidemiology Scholars Competition: Kirsten Mengell

Teresa Herrington Memorial Scholarship, CSEA: Nicholas Kouri

College Scholarships

  • Kira Chinkonsung – University of the Pacific
  • Devin DeCarie – Biola University
  • William Fontes – University of Nevada, Reno
  • Tayor Fulwiler – University of California, Davis
  • Kristian Hayden – Chapman University
  • Symone Jackson – Santa Clara University
  • Lauren Jose – University of California, Irvine
  • Nicholas Kouri – Oregon Institute of Tech
  • Kaylee Moser – Biola University
  • Janelle Oto – University of San Diego
  • Brent Reed – University of Redlands
  • James Sievers – Westmont College
  • Kaila Stephenson – Mills College
  • Paige Wilcox – Chapman University
  • Sarah Wolfish – Columbia University & Albert A List College of Jewish Studies

Dublin High School Counseling Office

  • Lessia Bemmel
  • William Fontes
  • Symone Jackson
  • Cynthia Moore

DECA Outstanding Senior

  • Richard Fang
  • Annie Kim
  • Jennifer Ly
  • Connie Tu
  • Karen Vo
  • Mylinh VoPham

French Department Scholarship: Deanna Hong

Outstanding AVID Award

  • Terri Burgess
  • Lan Tran

Sally Muhly Award: Lessia Bemmel

Spanish Department/AP Spanish

  • Kira Chinkonsung
  • Kirsten Koa
  • Ravali Reddy

California Scholarship Federation Life Members

  • Amit Bangar
  • Elizabeth Beasley
  • Natalie Dayton
  • Christian Estropia
  • Taylor Fulwiler
  • Deanna Hong
  • Lauren Jose
  • Kirsten Koa
  • Jaclyn Liu
  • Janelle Oto
  • Julia Pak
  • Alka Pande
  • Ravali Reddy
  • James Somerville
  • David Tam
  • Aparna Varma
  • Sarah Wolfish
  • Kimberly Wright
  • Ka Yin Wu
  • Blaire Wyatt

Bank of America Achievement Awards

  • Drama: James Sievers
  • English: Kaylee Moser
  • ESL: Vinh Nguyen
  • Family & Consumer Studies: Rachel Hood
  • Fine Arts: Kimberly Wright
  • French: Taylor Hall
  • History: Paige Wilcox
  • Industrial Arts: Michael Vercelli, George Corredoura
  • Instrumental Music: Devin DeCarie
  • Journalism: Taylor Fulwiler
  • Mathematics: Sarah Wolfish
  • Physical Education: Joseph Ugarte
  • ROP: James Genzale, Matthew Pecota, Drake Schullerts
  • Science: Ravali Reddy
  • Social Science: Elizabeth Beasley
  • Spanish: Kira Chinkonsung
  • Vocal Music: Amanda Wilson

President’s Outstanding Academic Achievement Award


  • Ka Yin Wu
  • David Tam
  • Janelle Oto
  • Anne Arcuri
  • Natalie Dayton
  • Richard Fang
  • Kaylee Moser
  • Connie Tu
  • Yevgeniy Sirovskiy Ebenzer Tan
  • Kira Chinkonsung
  • Sarah May
  • Nicole Pullen
  • Alka Pande
  • Ryan Malaeb
  • Trang Phan


  • Ravali Reddy
  • Aparna Varna
  • Sarah Wolfish
  • Deanna Hong
  • Jaclyn Liu
  • Christian Gage Estropia
  • Kirsten Koa
  • James Somerville
  • Julia Pak
  • Lauren Jose
  • James Sievers
  • Nicholas Kouri
  • Taylor Fulwiler

National Merit Program Commended Student: Nicholas Kouri

National Merit Scholarship: Ravali Reddy

Salutatorian: Aparna Varma

Valedictorian: Ravali Reddy

Thank you to the following people:

Dublin Senior Center

DHS PFSO ~ Class of 2011 Parents

Dublin High School Administration

  • Ms. Carol Shimizu: DHS Principal
  • Mr. Bill Branca: Assistant Principal
  • Ms. Maureen Byrne: Assistant Principal
  • Ms. Theresa Young: Assistant Principal

Dublin Unified School District Board of Trustees

  • Dr. Stephen Hanke: Superintendent
  • David Haubert: President
  • Dan Cunningham: Vice President
  • Jennifer Henry: Trustee
  • John Ledahl: Trustee
  • Greg Tomlinson: Trustee
  • Lan Tran: Student Representative