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4 Steps to Higher Scores on Multiple Choice Standardized Tests

Standardized Test Answer SheetFor better or worse, standardized tests are here to stay – and that means students have to become experts at taking multiple choice tests at an increasingly early age.  The strategy for success on a standardized “choose one of five answers” test is very different from a written test. has prepared a short video summarizing the “R.E.A.D.” strategy for multiple choice test success.  R.E.A.D. combined with lots of test practice (and, of course, paying attention in class and doing your homework) can help increase test scores.  The goal of R.E.A.D. is simple – more correct answers in less time.

Watch the video and share with your children for an overview of the effective R.E.A.D. method for improving standardized test scores:

The R.E.A.D. method is based on how multiple choice questions work, in particular standardized math tests.  What does R.E.A.D. stand for?

  1. Read the question and block the facts
  2. Eliminate obviously wrong answers
  3. The Answer is on the page
  4. Do the easy questions first

The video covers each of these strategies with actual standardized test examples from the California Dept. of Education website.  A copy of the presentation is available here:

Additional resources for parents and students:

  • After completing all coursework required by your school’s program, work through all of the California Dept. of Education CST released questions – these are actual questions from prior tests.  When taking these tests double check that your child is using the R.E.A.D. method.
  • For high school students, leverage the official SAT Preparation Center for sample questions.
  • There are many books available on the market that provide additional questions – note, however, that the most important place to start is with released questions that have actually appeared on prior tests.
  • Already survived high school? The R.E.A.D. strategy is equally effective with LSAT, GMAT and other standardized tests.

More Education Resources for parents are available here.


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