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Prior School Board Meeting Notes

The latest DUSD Board Meeting preview is available here.

Links to all Dublin public school parent organizations (PFCs, SSCs, Boosters, Alumni, DPIE) are available here.  The latest Dublin High School Parent, Faculty, Student Organization (PFSO) update is available here.

School Board Meetings are Televised on Channel 28: Preceding the meeting on Thurs. 7 PM, Fri. 10 AM, Sun. 6 PM.   

Next Meeting: October 26 – 6:30PM (note: Dublin Patch reported that the Green / Kolb / Fallon issue will next be raised at a Nov 2 Board Meeting) 

Prior Meetings

 October 12 – 6:30PM 

  • Dublin Patch is now providing excellent coverage of DUSD School Board Meetings – Read more…
  • Frederiksen Elementary School spotlight
  • Dublin Elementary received a $5,000 donation from Mellanox Technologies – Read more…
  • Approval of several trips including Wells Middle School’s Marching Band and Jazz Band travelling, by invitation, to Disneyland for the 22nd time.  The trip is 100% parent-funded.  An article on last year’s trip is available here.
  • Results of the District Summer School Program were shared – Read more…
  • An update on the District Adult Education Program was presented – Read more…
  • A action item on reissuance of District bonds to save money through reduced interest rates was presented – Read more…

September 28 – 6:30PM 

September 14 – 6:30PM 

  • A highlight of the evening was the unanimous appointment of Amy Miller to replace the Board seat vacated by the resignation of John Ledahl.  Eight candidates were narrowed down to two shortlisted candidates.  A third candidate attended for second consideration.  All candidates demonstrated their passion for education in Dublin.  Congratulations to Ms. Miller and the candidates that participated in the process.  Ms. Miller has a 30-day provisional appointment before the appointment becomes effective.
  • Dublin High School was in the spotlight at tonight’s Board Meeting with a recognition of employees of the month, a presentation by Principal Carol Shimizu, a short speech by Student Body President Ben Young and a student-led presentation on the R.I.O.T. Club (a mechanism for students to resolve conflicts at school)
  • Dogs or no dogs… a consent calendar item became the topic of considerable debate – what rules should apply across the District for dogs on school property?  The District was directed to investigate the matter further and come back with a refined recommendation.
  • District staff presented detailed academic results from across all standardized tests.  The highlight was the increase in API at nearly every school site (reported on previously by  The full presentation on academic results is available here.
  • Summary results of the first District-wide parent, student and staff satisfaction survey were presented.  Summary presentation available here.
  • District staff presented unaudited financial results.  Summary presentation available here.


Prior Meetings: 

August 24 – 6:30PM 

  • Murray’s new Principal, Carrie Nerheim, was officially confirmed (replacing Rick Boster who has moved out of the District); Ms. Nerheim was formally Asst. Principal at Fallon
  • The Board heard recommendations on grade configuration at Green, Fallon and Kolb (Kolb Elementary opens for the 2011-12 school year).  While no action was taken at the meeting the most likely outcome is Green and Kolb becoming K-4 schools and Fallon changing from a K-8 school to a 5-8 school (a step closer to being a true middle school).  The goal is to take the pressure off of Green and best utilize the existing and new (Kolb) facilities. (read more…)
    • Note: the new Principal of Fallon for 2010-11 is Aileen Parsons (who was previously at Pleasanton Middle School); Ms. Parsons was interviewed by earlier this summer (read more…).
  • Dublin High junior Katelyn Haubert, who was elected by her Dublin High classmates to be the student representative to the School Board, was formally seated; Ms. Haubert is the daughter of School Board President David Haubert
  • District staff provided updates on recycling programs and the District’s technology plan
  • The controversial Dublin High dress code was debated – and remains controversial

August 17 (Special Board Meeting / Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee and process regarding replacing Mr. Ledahl on the Board of Trustees on the agenda) 

Tuesday August 10 

A few minor items were presented as well as formally accepting prior meeting minutes.  An update on the Show Up For Education Campaign in support of Library Technicians at DUSD schools and other projects was presented (read more…). 

Tuesday July 26 

There was a special board meeting held Tuesday July 26.  The only public item on the agenda was an update on the proposed parcel tax.  Staff recommended delaying a decision on whether or not to pursue a parcel tax until after the Nov 2010 election, meaning the parcel tax will not be on the Nov 2010 ballot.  The school board agreed with the staff recommendation.  This recommendation was based on market research (a survey of Dublin residents) conducted earlier this year.  A summary report on the market research is available here.  

Tuesday June 21, 2010 – 6:30PM  

  • DUSD announced the new Principal of Fallon School (a K-8 school) – Aileen Parsons.  Ms. Parsons is joining from the Pleasanton Unified School District where she was most recently Vice Principal at Pleasanton Middle School.
  • 30 students from Fallon School have been approved to attend the California Associations of Director of Activities (CADA) Middle School Leadership Camp.  The camp develops leadership skills.
  • An update to the District’s Strategic Initiatives Action Plan was presented (available here)
  • The first annual Parcel Tax Report was presented summarizing monies received by the parcel tax and expenditures (detail available here)
  • Results of a parcel tax feasibility survey were presented (details available here).  The survey of 400 Dublin residents indicated support for a temporary (3-year) $48 increase in the current parcel tax – but insufficient support above that amount.  The survey also investigated priority investment areas if that tax were to pass (which requires two thirds voter approval).
  • DUSD staff presented the proposed final budget for 2010-11 (summary presentation available here) – given the State budget crisis it isn’t surprising that the news is challenging – some class size increases, some program cuts, deferrals on maintenance and other cuts, partially offset by revenue enhancement initiatives


Tuesday June 1, 2010 – 5:30PM  

  • Students from several Dublin Unified School District schools received recognition as well as several DUSD staff:
    • Recognition of DUSD Teacher of the Year: Ms. Michelle Stanchina – Fallon School
    • Recognition of the DUSD New Teacher of the Year – Ms. Katie Bourke – Dublin High School
    • Recognition of the Teresa Herrington Memorial Award Recipient -Ms. Liana De Wit-Smith – Fallon Scool Media Technician
    • Recognition of Outgoing Student Board Representative – Lan Tran
    • Recognition of Dublin High School Student Athletes – Golf, Swimming & Track
    • Recognition of 2010 Alameda County Jr. High Spelling Bee Champion – Akshay Aitha (3rd place at the State out of 133 State finalists)
    • Recognition of Justin Minor – Eagle Scout Project – Dublin Elementary School (Mr. Minor was interviewed for a article: available here)
    • Recognition of Fallon Cheerleaders – Outstanding Achievement in the Nationals (Kristine Cousins, Fallon Cheerleading Coach – now Dublin High School’s Cheerleading Coach, was interviewed for a article: available here)
  • Dublin Unified School District is included in California’s Race to the Top application (for second round consideration after California’s first submission was not selected); more information on California’s Race to the Top submission is available here
  • New course materials were approved for courses including: Biotechnology, Algebra II, Speech & Debate, and Child Development
  • A first draft (preliminary) view of the Dublin Unified School District (DUSD) budget was presented; the summary presentation is available here


Tuesday May 25, 2010 – 6:30PM      

  • Wells and Fallon Middle School musicians were recognized by the Board for their achievements
  • Wells Middle School was in the spotlight, including recognition of the Wells Middle School Girls Volleyball Team (Tri-Valley League Champions)
  • District staff provided an update on the 2009 Base API Report; of note is Dublin High School receiving a rank of 9 (out of 10) both statewide and in comparison to similar schools (defined by the State); several schools received 10 out of 10 rankings statewide, but lower scores relative to similar schools; detailed results and an explanation of API scoring is available here
  • An update on the Dublin High School renewal project was presented – despite the rain, the current phases are forecasted to complete on schedule and on budget; photographs of the construction in progress is available here
  • An update on the English Language Learner program in the district was provided (interesting stats – in our District this program supports 29 different second languages, 600+ students CELDT tested and 500+ identified as English Language Learners); detailed presentation available here
  • A detailed draft 3-year Technology Plan for the District was presented and is recommended reading (available here)
  • Raw feedback from the Community Conversation event was included with the latest updates to the strategic plan for the District
  • New member appointments where made to the Parcel Tax Oversight Committee (details available here)
  • Several updates on how the State education budget cuts are impacting the District where provided

Dublin High School Renewal Construction Update

Tuesday May 11, 2010 – 6:30PM   

  • Superintendent Hanke announced a $35,000 grant from Chevron to bootstrap Project Lead The Way at Dublin High School (“Project Lead The Way (PLTW) prepares students to be the most innovative and productive leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and to make meaningful, pioneering contributions to our world.”)  A representative from Chevron provided an overview of the intiative and Chevron’s support of local schools
  • The Dublin High School Counseling Dept. presented an overview of the Dublin High AP Program including the rapidly increasing rate of students taking AP classes and as a result AP exams (the number of AP exams taken is forecasted to increase by 50%+ in 2010-11 based on AP class enrollment rates).  Two Dublin High School students shared their positive experiences with the AP Program. Summary presentation available here.
  • The District presented an overview of possible solar energy options for Dublin schools including a summary of solar power projects in other districts; the full presentation is available here.  This was an information-only item.
  • Options for a feasibility study for a parcel tax were presented as a follow-up from the last board meeting


The latest Dublin High School Parent, Faculty, Student Organization (PFSO) Gael Gazette is available here.  

Tuesday Apr. 27, 2010 – 6:30PM    

  • Recognition of Dublin High School Soccer and Wrestling Teams for recent accomplishments (more information on Dublin High School’s Athletic Program available here)
  • Planning your vacations for next year?  The 2010-11 district-wide school calendar was presented for approval and is available here
  • Six Dublin High School students selected and approved to attend the DECA High School Division Career Development Conference in Louisville, Kentucky
  • State of the District report and community hearing information presented including:
    • State of the District presentation – recommended viewing (available here)
    • Community Conversation public hearing to provide feedback to the district scheduled for May 6 – 7PM in the District Boardroom. Parents and community members are encouraged to attend to make their voice heard
    • School feedback survey launching mid-May – this has been an objective of for this year and we are encouraged that the District is moving forward; nominal cost to field and administer
  • Parcel Tax survey – separate from the school feedback survey, the District requested approval to field a city-wide survey regarding the viability of an amended Parcel Tax to help offset state-wide budget cuts. A summary of the proposed parcel tax survey is available here. Community members should note that this survey, unlike the school feedback survey, would be expensive to field ($20,000 est.) due to the nature of the survey  


    Tuesday Apr. 13, 2010    

    • Recognition of Dublin High School seniors accepted into Columbia University, Santa Clara University, Cal Poly San Luis Obisbo and CSU Monterey Bay
    • Dublin Elementary School spotlight and presentation
    • An update on the Bond Measure C progress was presented including a brief presentation (available here) and an update to the comprehensive overview document (available here)
    • Dublin Partners in Education (DPIE) presented an update on its activities in support of Dublin public schools, including 2009-10 Grant Awards totalling $50,000; full presentation available here;’s article on DPIE’s Bowl-a-Rama is available here
    • Discovery Builders (Schaefer Ranch development) proposed accelerated payment of school fees (totally $1,6M) due to the depressed housing market, details available here
    • Citizens Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) re-appointments:
      • Robert Bennett, Chair, Representing PTA and term expires in April 2011
      • Alan Brown, Vice Chair, Representing Business Community, has served 2 year term ending April 2010, eligible for another 2 year term with Board of Trustees Approval
      • Daniel Cherrier, Secretary, Representing Community at Large, has served 2 year term ending April 2010, eligible for another 2 year term with Board od Trustees Approval
      • Denis King, member, Representing the Taxpayer Association, term ending in April 2011
      • Sean Kenney, member, Representing Parent Community, term ending in April 2011
      • Howard H. Hicks, member, Representing Community at Large, term ending in April 2011
      • John Stallwitz, member, Representing Senior Organizaton, term ending in April 2011 
    • District Staff presented an update on Community / Parent Satisfaction Surveys planned for May 2010; one of’s objectives for 2009-10 included lobbying for a District-wide satisfaction survey

    Tuesday Mar. 23, 2010    

    • Volunteers, certificated staff, classified staff and leadership were recognized with annual awards.
    • “Ensuring Success for All Students” was presented by Dublin High School staff, covering intervention strategies for ensuring all students can meet increased graduation requireements.  The material presented is available here.
    • A new Dublin High School course proposal was introduced – “Introduction to Higher Mathematics” – targeted for introduction for Fall 2010.  More information is available here.
    • SCI Consultants presented demographic projections for the Dublin Unified School District for the next five years.  High, medium and low enrollment projections were presented.  Of note, the medium growth scenario has Dublin High School enrollment growing from 1,472 (today) to 1,755 in 5 years, well below the 2,500 student capacity of Dublin High (due to the $120M Dublin High renewal project currently underway).  The full presentation and demographic analysis is available here.
    • Boundary line analysis and recommendations were presented to ensure balanced utilization of Wells Middle School and Fallon Middle School, as well as related elementary schools.  The impact of the recommendations primarily impacts families in the Camp Parks area and Transit Center (and anything west of those areas).  Those areas would be assigned to Frederiksen / Wells with the goal of avoiding over-crowding at Dougherty / Fallon.  Parents are encouraged to review the recommendations (available here and here) in detail and contact the Dublin Unified School District with questions or concerns.
    • District Staff and Dublin High School staff recommended removal of lockers from the Dublin High School Master Plan, with some of the cost savings being used to provide two sets of textbooks (one for home, one for the classroom).  In making the recommendation the District looked at overall cost savings as well as completed a survey of area schools (Granada High School – enrollment 2,400 and Foothill High School – enrollment 2,300 are example of high schools without lockers).  The initial cost of new lockers was estimated at $0.8M – $1.0M vs. no lockers / additional textbooks at $0.2M – $0.3M (full detail available here).
      • Lockers would still be provided for music, PE and team sports.
      • The cost model assumes electronic textbooks in 7 years.

    Tuesday Mar. 9, 2010      

    Tuesday Feb. 23, 2010       

    • Wells Middle School notified being named a 2010 California School of Character by the Center for Youth Citizenship.   A formal announcement will be made later this Spring.
    • Engineering Design BookNew Dublin High School course offering submitted for approval: “Principles of Engineering” introduced for approval; this course is a first step in building a Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) Academy at Dublin High and is part of the Project Lead the Way Pathway to Engineering curriculum
      • Overview presentation on the Principles of Engineering Course available here
      • Overview presentation on the Project Lead the Way Pathway to Engineering available here, and on the Project Lead the Way program in general available here
    • New District-wide website management platform recommended to increase flexibility and reduce costs (switching from SOCS to SchoolWires); annual savings are estimated at $7,000

    Tuesday Feb. 9, 2010       

    • Special presentations included: winners of the “Got Milk” contest from Dublin High, recognition of Dublin High students with early acceptance to college, and a spotlight on Green Elementary School
    • Included in the consent calendar was approval for the Fallon Middle School music department trip to Anaheim to participate in the 2010 Heritage Music Festival
    • Presentation of a supplemental materials for 3rd grade history / social studies standards to provide more comprehensive and consistent coverage of local Dublin history; new materials donated by the Dublin-San Ramon Women’s Club
    • Update on Kolb Elementary, construction to commence Spring 2010 and campus open for the 2011-12 school year
    • Update on the Budget Reduction Plan being developed by the district to address forecasted state-wide education budget cuts; key documents presented include:

      Thursday Feb. 4, 2010 – Charter School Public Hearing         

    Tuesday Jan. 26, 2010         

    • The Dublin Unified School District “State of the District Report” was presented.  Summary Presentation.
      • Additional presentation covering the possible impact of  State of California budget cuts on Dublin schools.  Summary Presentation.
    • Update and detailed guidelines on the Dublin High Advanced Scholars Diploma, as well as financial implications, presented by Dublin High.  Summary Presentation.
    • Presentations and analysis from SI&A (an organization the District may hire to perform consulting services to optimize Special Education investments and to maximize attendance, both related to mitigating State education budget cuts).
    • The Dublin Unified School District Financial Statements with Supplementary Information and Independent Auditor’s Report for the year ended June 30, 2009 was presented.  Summary Document.
    • School Board President David Haubert noted that Kolb Elementary is on track to open in 2011

    DUSD State of the District Presentation


      Tuesday Jan. 12, 2010         

    • Presentations from Valley High School
    • Spotlight on student assessment, standardized testing and the OARS system purchased by DUSD for teacher use.  Summary presentation.
    • An update on the Tri-Valley Regional Occupation Program (ROP) was presented.  The Tri-Valley ROP serves the Dublin, Livermore Valley Joint, Pleasanton Unified School Districts as well as the Sunol Glen School District.  Summary presentation.
    • Dublin High seniors spoke about their experiences in the ROP program.

    Tuesday Dec. 8, 2009         

    Nielsen Elementary School computer lab completed as part of the 21st Century Classroom Project:      Neilsen Elementary School Computer Lab   

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