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Dublin High School SAT Results

Dublin High School SAT Results

As summarized in’s College Primer for Parents, most 4-year colleges require SAT or ACT tests to be taken with performance requirements varying by college. recommends students planning to apply to a 4-year college take both the SAT and ACT (more information regarding these tests is available here).

Based on the data below, Dublin High School’s SAT performance is comparable to similar schools as defined by the California Department of Education. and showed significant gains in 2012. will continue to publish articles and videos to help parents and students prepare for and succeed on these important tests (’s 4-Steps to Higher Scores on Multiple Choice Standardized Tests is one example).

The California Department of Education employs a “similar schools” methodology where schools “are ranked compared to 100 other schools with similar demographic characteristics”.  This list of similar schools is used to rank Dublin High School vs. other schools.  The full list of 100 schools considered ”similar” to Dublin High School is available here.

Dublin High School SAT Results vs. Similar Schools

SAT  School Name Percent
2010-11 Similar School SAT 49% 539 554 535 1628
2011-12 Dublin High School SAT 65% 536 569 542 1647
2010-11 Dublin High School SAT 59% 509 552 512 1573
2009-10 Dublin High School SAT 48% 513 554 516 1584
2008-9 Dublin High School SAT 45% 523 562 522 1607
2007-8 Dublin High School SAT 45% 519 565 501 1584
2006-7 Dublin High School SAT 50% 511 564 513 1588
2005-6 Dublin High School SAT 56% 518 564 523 1605

(Note: SAT for 2004-5 and earlier is not directly comparable as the threshold in those reports was >= 1000; as a result that data was not included; 2005-2011 data from the California Dept. of Education, 2011-12 data from the CollegeBoard-provided Profile of SAT Testers at Dublin High School)

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