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Dublin High Wins Awards at Tri-Valley Science and Engineering Fair 2011

March 24, 2011

Nine Dublin High School students submitted five projects to the 2011 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory sponsored Tri-Valley Science and Engineering Fair, out of a total of 423 participating students and 262 submitted projects.

Building on last year’s success, where Dublin High’s Kirsten Mengell won 1st place for her project, Dublin High came home with a 2nd place, 3rd place, special award and honorable mention for submitted projects. Judging was conducted by over 150 scientists and engineers from the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory and other local science organizations.

Dublin High School projects presented at the Fair:
  • 2nd Place Award in Behavioral and Social Sciences and the special award for Psychology to Vijay Mittal and Joshua Price for : “Arachnophobia in High School”
  • 3rd place in Biochemistry to Jennifer Lee for: “Identifying Flower Pigments Using Electrophoresis”
  • Honorable Mention in Microbiology to Akshay Aitha and Aaron Yu for : “The Effect of Pollution on Protist Populations in the Bay Area”
  • Brandon Lo and Kimberli Zhong submitted a study of “Motor Oil and Aquatic Plants”
  • Brooke Brunckhorst and Cassandra Lai submitted a project on “The Affects of Different Types of Medicine for Tension Type Headaches”
Awards are given based on the level of scientific competence shown in the projects. Some categories had no winners or no 1st place winners. An award shows the level of competence in the project, especially of the write-up, rather than how well the students did compared to their peers.

Tri-Valley Science and Engineering Fair Dublin High Participants

Tri-Valley Science and Engineering Fair Dublin High Participants

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