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The Three R’s Redefined – Music’s Positive Influence on a Dublin Family

March 26, 2011

Cindy Rosefield and Family

When we think of the traditional academic definition of the three R’s, it’s Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.  In 2011, we should seriously consider a fourth R – “Rhythm”. recently had the opportunity to visit with a Dublin resident that has expanded her passion for music into the community, her workplace and her family.  We are pleased to introduce Ms. Cindy Browne Rosefield.

After starting a career in teaching at Chabot College in Hayward, Cindy has been an Instructor of Instrumental Music at Las Positas College since 1998.  Additionally, she has served in the role of Performing Arts Coordinator at LPC.  The pinnacle achievement over the past four years was the successful construction of the Barbara Fracisco Mertes Center for the Arts.  This brand new structure at the front end of the campus is a towering symbol and represents a reminder to the importance of the performing arts at Las Positas College and in the community.

Cindy is a mother of two children enrolled in the Dublin Unified School District.   Matthew is a sixth grader at Wells Middle School and Claire is a fourth grader at Frederiksen Elementary School.  Respectively, they play the trumpet and flute.  As a parent of younger children, how do you view the value of music as part of their education?

Cindy Rosefield: “The overall benefit for all students is that they learn the value of many skills.  Playing an instrument impacts their cognitive thinking and it involves science, math and sports.  It is a way to blend and balance multiple skills.  What is a quarter note? It is a portion of a full note – math!”  At the end of the day, what are the benefits that all students involved in music gain?

Rosefield: “I can relate it to my own children.  One plays the flute at the elementary level and the other plays trumpet at Wells.  It ultimately represents what music should be.  Music education helps us to learn respect and teamwork, and is no different from any team sport in that all of the members are responsible to one another.”

Las Positas College Black Box Theatre

While Cindy’s role at Las Positas College has evolved over the years, Cindy’s focus turned to the development of the Center for the Arts four years ago.  With community contributions and a huge boost from a Livermore voter approved Measure B, the path was paved for this worthy project.

We were treated to a tour of the new facility that was opened last August.  This included a view of the new primary theater, the Black Box Theater and the Scene Shop.  What are your current priorities at Las Positas College?

Rosefield: “I started the Wind ensemble program some years ago and currently run the orchestra and music theory programs.  The Center for the Arts is a continuing endeavor as we iron out construction issues.”

As a last piece to this story, we must recognize one other element of Cindy’s life and it has been her involvement in the band Wake the Dead.  Wake the Dead’s website proclaims them to be the home of the World’s first Celtic All-Star Grateful Dead Jam Band.  She joined Maureen Brennan and Paul Kotapish as founding members of the band 12 years ago.  Cindy plays the double bass and provides a solid backing for their sound. The band performs regular gigs around the Bay Area and travels to the Pacific Northwest during the summer months.  In closing, what are your hopes/aspirations for students in Dublin as it relates to the performing arts and music?

Rosefield: “I simply hope that everyone will have an opportunity to experience live music and the arts.  From a practical perspective, I’ve been through these budget cuts before.  I also feel that we’ll come back around and that the programs that have been eliminated will be reinstated.  The arts will live on!”

Cindy Rosefield with Wake the Dead

Music Theory Room


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