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Dublin High School 2009 College Acceptance Rate

Graduation Caps Thrown in Air95% of the Dublin High School Class of 2009 reported attending college.  The source of the stat is the Dublin High School graduate exit interviews prepared by the Dublin High School Counseling Department annually and available here.  Dublin High School 2009 graduates were accepted into every UC and CSU campus along with private colleges across the United States.  The Dublin High School Class of 2010 is off to a fast start with early acceptance results already in and regular acceptance letters arriving shortly. Dublin High School’s UC admission rate for 2008-9 was 84% (read more…).

Where did 95% come from? The total number of Dublin High School 2009 graduates reporting attending 2-year and 4-year colleges was 294. 294 divided that by the number of surveys completed (313) minus students enlisting in the military (5) is 294 / (313-5) = 95%.  Dublin High School graduates who have chosen to serve our country were excluded because we respect that decision as much as the decision to enter college, and many military vets go on to college post service.  We made no assumptions regarding the 20 students that didn’t complete exit surveys.

Regarding the mix of 2-year vs. 4-year college bound students.  The Dublin High School Counseling Dept. noted earlier this year that 75% of Dublin High School 2-year college bound students from 2009 are enrolled in transfer programs to 4-year colleges – and that in most cases that is due to economics. There are families in our community that simply cannot afford 4-year college and leverage the transfer program route to save money (both the tuition and the ability for the student to live at home by attending a nearby campus). According to the UC system, 30% of UC Berkeley juniors are transfers from 2-year college programs – and they do just as well as students that entered as freshman.  More information on Community College Transfer Programs is available here.


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