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Dublin High School Academic, Visual and Performing Arts, Athletic and Extracurricular Choice

Graduation Caps Thrown in AirDublin High School has the scale to offer diversity of choice for Dublin students. More information on Dublin High School Class of 2014 college admission results is available here.  Dublin High School Academic Rankings (API, AP, SAT, ACT and college admissions) are available here.

Dublin public schools are supported by a strong parent and community support (more information on parent organizations supporting Dublin schools is available here).

Click through each category to access course descriptions and additional information for Dublin High School offerings:

A portfolio of academic and non-academic results, plus demonstrated support for charitable endeavors, is critical to gain college acceptance.  Dublin High School choice is funded through scale – 1,500 students today with room to grow to 2,500 students.  Dublin High School choice is further enhanced through the Tri-Valley Regional Occupational Program (ROP) offers.  For college preparation there are 22 Advanced Placement (AP), Honors and Advanced courses.  Dublin High School also recently announced the addition of an engineering pathway – the Engineering Academy – which received a $35,000 kickstart from Chevron (read more…).  There are also three diploma options including the Advanced Scholar Diploma (that is modeled after the requirements of top private colleges and the UC system).  Dublin High School provides extracurricular clubs enjoyed by hundreds of students.  Dublin High School also meets the unique needs of special education students.

This is just a summary of what Dublin High School has to offer.  The complete 2014-15 Dublin High School Course Handbook is available here and includes course descriptions and sample 4-year college prep plans for students.

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