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Dublin Unified School District Presents New Offer to DTA Union Leadership

March 21, 2019

DUBLIN, CA–The Dublin Unified School District sent the following email to the community, and, with details of the latest offer in the ongoing negotiation between DUSD and the Dublin Teachers Association (DTA).

On the DTA Facebook page the following statement was posted yesterday: “We will always deliver on our commitments #ForDublinStudents and as we stated yesterday, at the close of business we can officially announce: WE ARE CERTIFIED FOR FACT FINDING. DUSD has given an “On the Record” proposal that does not put the needs of Dublin students, educators and community first. In fact it puts the needs of DUSD Management above all. We will be moving forward with our March on Tuesday, the process of fact finding and hopefully DUSD Management will realize that Dublin deserves the BEST for our students: Best class sizes, Best supports for our Students and the Best Educators! We do not want to STRIKE, but we will #ForDublinStudents”

Below is the communication sent by DUSD:


Superintendent Boozer

Dear DUSD Community,

Earlier today, we made a new formal offer to the DTA union leadership (attached) in our ongoing negotiations. Today’s offer seeks to meet DTA as closely as possible to their proposed contract terms, while ensuring the long-term fiscal health of our schools. We feel that today’s offer provides equitable pay for our dedicated teachers and allows us to have the ongoing resources to invest in critical needs like new text books, professional development, educational programs and services and counselors.

While there are many elements involved in bargaining, salary compensation, as is often the case, has been a primary focus area of negotiations. In order to better meet the needs of our teachers, the Board and district staff have looked to utilize future state funding increases in combination with one-time district monies (our district reserves) in order to sustain an on-going increase for teachers in the current school year. Thus, today’s offer to DTA calls for an ongoing raise of 4% for all teachers and a one-time bonus of 1%. It also adds an additional 0.5% salary increase for our longest serving teachers.

In addition, the offer includes:

  • Additional pay for additional students:
    • For elementary classes (K-5) exceeding the agreed to class size between 24 to 28 students per class depending on grade level.  Teachers will receive $6.50 per student per day in excess of the negotiated class size.
    • For middle or high school, cumulative students in excess of 165 (also referred to as secondary student contacts), which is an average of 33 students per class. Teachers will receive additional compensation of $1.50 per student per day in excess of 165.
    • Special Day Class caseloads for both students with mild and moderate special needs, as well as students with moderate and severe needs.
    • Resource Specialist caseloads.
    • Speech and Language caseloads.
  • Compensation for teachers attending pre-school Special Day Class Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings.
  • Implementation of Specialist Support Providers (including pay for the providers of $250 per mentee/up to four mentees).
  • Pay for completion of annual and triennial assessments.
  • Pay for teachers who are assigned to cover another classroom.

The current offer DTA has made is for a 4.5% ongoing raise and a one-time bonus of 3.5%. The school district has worked diligently and sought to find creative solutions to meet DTA’s request, making multiple wage offers in a variety of combinations or configurations in search for a fair agreement.

Finally, as you all know, we had our second mediation session yesterday. Both sides spent much of the day at mediation, as we sought to find common ground. Our hope is that today’s formal offer demonstrates our willingness to find solutions to the issues we’ve collectively identified. The offer being made today represents that work and shows our commitment to collaborating with our teachers and their union to find an equitable solution. We hope that they will review and consider the offer and work we’ve done to date in the spirit that we’ve approached these negotiations—a focus on serving our students and the ongoing educational needs of our community.


Dr. Leslie Boozer

One Comment
  1. Katina Lewis permalink
    March 21, 2019 1:43 pm

    Dr. Boozer is as usual completely missing the point. This is NOT about money or salary. This is about Dublin’s Students! Dublin’s Students deserve the best – the best Class Sizes, the best Supports, the best Educators! The most current offer from DUSD does little to address Class Sizes or Supports. Want ALL the Facts? Ask your student’s teacher for a side-by-side comparison list of proposals. You will quickly see DTA members are fighting #ForDublinStudents, not money or salary.

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