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Dublin High School Senior Michael Tomlinson Reflects on Four Years of Athletics and Academics

April 9, 2018

For many, April equates to a 100-meter dash towards high school graduation. In between, there are decisions to be made for college selection, proms, Baccalaureate, a last run of spring sports and for some, Senior Awards morning. While this is an annual ritual, the presence of the moment means something different for every graduate and each family.

We momentarily slowed down the pace to sit down with Dublin High School senior Gregory Michael Tomlinson Jr. to gain his reflections upon his experiences at Dublin High. Michael has viewed this journey through an interesting lens as he has performed as a four-year varsity athlete and his father, Greg, previously served as a Trustee to the Dublin Unified School District. What Mr. Tomlinson revealed was a very robust tenure that fulfilled many facets of his interests – both inside and outside of school. And, his tennis coach provided additional insights.

DSC_0876 As a student/athlete, please explain how competing in tennis enhanced your high school experience.

Michael Tomlinson: “Tennis gave me an outlet to put my negative energy into something positive. Ever since freshman year tennis allowed me to make friends I otherwise would not have made, something I’ll always be grateful for. In addition, the coaching has always been great. Our coach, Jason Wilson, has always emphasized improving as a player is more important than the team winning. Not only have I become a much stronger player, but I have gained interpersonal skills that will take me far beyond the tennis court.” There are no shortages of clubs/organizations at DHS. Articulate how you discovered Best Buddies and why this was a meaningful commitment.

Tomlinson 1Tomlinson: “I found Best Buddies freshman year when I went to the club fair. I was intrigued immediately because Best Buddies was unlike anything I’ve experienced before. Sure enough, I went to the first club meeting and I loved it. I loved the compassionate environment I felt at the first meeting, so I kept going. The next year I signed up to be a peer buddy and I got paired with Indranil Das. Indranil made such an impact on me for the next two years that I would end up writing my college essay about my close friendship with him. Not only did I help Indranil grow throughout our two years together, but he taught me far more about myself than anyone else previously has.” Over the last decade, only 4-6% of Boy Scouts attain the award of Eagle. Explain why achieving this rank was so important to you.

Tomlinson: “Achieving the rank of Eagle Scout was the perfect culmination of all my hard work for the previous thirteen years of being in the Boy Scouts of America. Throughout my life thus far has been as a member of the Boy Scouts of America. It was a long road to Eagle, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I have learned a tremendous amount of information about both myself and the outdoors. Only a select few get the opportunity to say that they are an Eagle Scout, so I take extreme pride in being one of these people. I know what it takes to become an Eagle Scout, so I have tremendous respect for anyone who is one.” When you reflect upon your tenure at Dublin High School, express on the moments that exceeded your expectations.

Tomlinson: “I couldn’t have had a much better high school experience. Dublin High fosters an accepting environment that not only rewards hard work, but good character. I’ve been able to find my place among the tennis team, Best Buddies, AVID, leadership, and other areas of Dublin High. I’ve had numerous experiences that prove the fact that Dublin High cares about the students and their well-being. Some of my closest mentors are my former teachers. I’ve traveled with the history department to Japan, the science department to Costa Rica, and have been extremely involved throughout my four years. I’m sure I’ll look back on my time at Dublin High with only positive feelings. I’ll definitely miss Dublin High and all that it gave me, but I’m looking forward to the next chapter in my life.”

As it usually occurs, most students find their own niche during their high school experience. Among the myriad of choices, some gravitate towards music, drama, robotics or leadership. In Michael’s case, he followed his passion for tennis. As a four-year varsity athlete, he attained the role of co-captain in his last two years of competition. We spoke with his coach, Jason Wilson, to gain further insight. How did he gain co-captaincy and how has he responded in the role?

Tomlinson 2Jason Wilson: “He has done a great job making varsity all four years. How the co-captain and captain role works is the team votes for who they think would be best co-captain for the following year. Which means the kids really liked and enjoyed his hard work and knew he would be perfect for the job. As a captain this year and co-captain last year he has done a perfect job. He set up a group text that goes out to all the boys and he is on top of anything I ask him to do.” Mr. Tomlinson has expressed that he has improved both athletically and mentally during his DHS career. Can you provide an example of both?

Wilson: “As a coach I really work hard on the mental part of the game. So, I talk to him a lot about doubles and how it’s a team sport. The more positive you are at all times, the less stress your partner feels. So, he played that role perfectly. As for maturing as an athlete he works extremely hard every time we do conditioning never complains and the students look up to his work ethic.” Anything else that you would like to add?

Wilson: “He is a very motivated kid and will do great in anything he decides to do.”

A high school career is never defined in a single manner. This profile simply represents a journey that fulfilled many buckets – including academics, leadership and athletics. would like to thank Michael for sharing his story and the ability to articulate what his senior year represents. Congratulations to all members of the Class of 2018!


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