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Dublin Public Schools Celebrate 150 Years of Education This Saturday

May 19, 2017

DUBLIN, CA–Newer residents are often surprised to find out that the City of Dublin is only 35 years old. After rapid home development in the 1960’s and 1970’s, the town faced an increased need for formal infrastructure. However, many residents resisted its incorporation. Finally, the City of Dublin was established in 1982. Of course, the history of the Dublin area goes back numerous decades. In 1835, Jose Maria Amador was granted thousands of acres for his service as a Mexican soldier. 15 years later, a group of Irish settlers purchased a portion of the land who then founded the town of Dublin.

Old Murray School at Old Location 1950s

In 1867, the Murray Schoolhouse was constructed and put into operation. With the eventual expansion of I-580 it was necessary to move this historical building and it is currently available to view at the Dublin Heritage Center on Dublin Blvd.

As the city grew through the late 20th century, the management of Dublin schools was actually controlled by the city of Pleasanton which had incorporated many years earlier. Today, all district schools are performing at accelerated levels. And recently, Dublin High School, Fallon Middle School and Wells Middle School received the Gold Ribbon Award designation from the State of California.

So to commemorate this momentous occasion, the Dublin Unified School District is hosting a 150 Years of Education celebration on Saturday, May 20th from 1:00 – 4:00 PM. The event will occur at the Dublin Heritage Center located at the intersection of Dublin Blvd. and Donlon Way. The afternoon will feature the Murray Schoolhouse exhibit, a video produced by Dublin High School students and refreshments.

As a key element to this program, the third grade teams at all elementary school sites were invited to develop a skit/performance that would be relevant to this landmark. reached out to Dougherty Elementary School teacher Kathryn Varner and she was kind enough to share how her class would add to the celebration. Explain the process for your student presentation.

DSC_2802Kathryn Varner: “It actually was a very quick process. I have always been into creating jingles and organizing plays. When we make our own songs, it helps the students to learn concepts. We literally came up with the song in one afternoon. The students were very excited!” Much of your song revolves around factual/historical information. How did your class go about researching the information?

Varner: “Either the district or the school site gave us a fact sheet that included information about the early settlers and Jose Maria Amador. With the advice of Principal Nelson, we decided to really hone in on James Dougherty.” What do you suppose that your students gained from this project?

Varner: “It gave them a chance to really focus in on dates and relevant facts about the subject. But it also allowed them to pull it all together while ensuring that the process was fun. It is definitely something that I think that they will remember for years to come – specifically the tune and how it all rhymes.” How you rate their level of enthusiasm for this exercise?

Varner: “They were super excited. They actually wanted to go around the entire school and perform it for each classroom. But, we ended up sharing the presentation with the other third grades classes and at Open House. This way all of the parents were able to see it.”

So, that is the feedback from just one third grade class of students. Principal Brett Nelson recorded their rehearsal using an iPad and a green screen to create a proper backdrop. This video will then be added to a loop that will be available to view. But, why not skip the video and enjoy the experience in person at any moment on Saturday afternoon? After all, this is an event that was 150 years in the making. would like to thank Kathryn Varner and her third grade class for contributing to this profile. See you there!

  • 150 Years of Education Celebration
  • Saturday, May 20th – 1:00 – 4:00 PM
  • Dublin Heritage Park
  • Dublin Blvd. / Donlon Way

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