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Dublin Unified School Sites Continue to Benefit from Taxpayer Funded Bond Measures C & E

September 1, 2015

DSC_1460On Monday, the Dublin Unified School District Board of Trustees and the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee convened for their Annual Joint Meeting. This once a year event allows both organizations to tour school sites where Measure C and E funds are being expended for capital improvement.

By design, the majority of Measure C funds were earmarked towards the redevelopment of Dublin High School. Over the past several years, we have witnessed the construction of numerous and significant structures. Some of these included the refurbishment of Gaels Stadium, the Sports Complex and the Center for the Performing Arts and Education. The final sale of Measure C – slated to occur in 2016, has contributed mightily to the Phase 4 elements of the Dublin High School Master Plan phasing.

The tear down of the old theater has now yielded a wider walking concourse and gathering area that unifies the Student Union to the refurbished gymnasium. The old gym was plagued by a leaky roof which caused significant water damage. The reconstruction has resulted in brand new lockers and showering facilities for all athletes. In addition, four classrooms have been added to the structure. Finally, the P.A. and speaker systems have been improved and the gym floor has been refinished. The opening of this facility will help to alleviate practice scheduling pressure for many programs on the existing sports complex.

At Dublin Elementary School, there were an entirely different set of objectives and challenges. As one of the largest elementary sites in the district, the goal was to ambitiously cut clean water usage that was used to sustain a very sizeable field at the rear of the campus. With a successful collaboration between the District and the Dublin San Ramon Services District (DSRSD), a system hook-up to non-potable water was achieved. But the plan was to include a system that would be sustainable long into the future. A smaller grass field could be achieved by ringing it with a walking/running track. Along the perimeter, shade providing trees will be planted.

Two Bio-Retention areas are planned which will effectively filter run-off water – thus making the Dublin Elementary site one of the “greenest” in the District. Finally, an existing play structure was restored and a new play area was established at the south end of the campus. The completion of the new Water Conservation and Management project and the completion of the new track/field are slated for December, 2015.

Within the last year, the Dublin High School Little Theater was reduced to rubble. Shortly, after the temporary fences are removed to protect the growing turf, this “quad” area will become a gathering point for students. And, in a few short months at Dublin Elementary, the landscape and field area will have a radically different look. It will be a look that is both functional and in line with preserving our water resources during this severe drought. would like to thank Facilities Director Kim McNeely for organizing this tour. And, we would also thank Project Managers Nick Olsen (DHS) and Craig Lemos (Dublin El.) for providing their leadership and to answer questions from the Board of Trustees and the CBOC.


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