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Dublin High School’s Center for Performing Arts and Education Opens with Community Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

June 3, 2014

Dublin High School Center for Performing Arts and Education Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 6On Monday evening, the epicenter of a momentous occasion was on the north end of the Dublin High School campus. The ceremony marked an event that was five years in the making. With the successful passage of Measure C – a bond measure to initiate infrastructure improvements of many DUSD schools, the design elements for a Performing Arts Project commenced. After many design iterations, the DSA permit approval was signed off in early 2012 and construction began later that summer. Since then, the many changes to the DHS landscape have been visible by simply driving down Village Parkway.

For months, many of the improvements were not apparent as most of the work was being conducted underground. A state of the art HVAC system was being developed below the surface of the theater. The thinking was that a performance venue with a large volume of interior space would require a ventilation system that would move cool air efficiently at the base of the theater – as opposed to forcing air from above, thus creating much more noise. In the ensuing months, the structure began to take shape. Miles and miles of electrical conduit were streamed throughout the building. A dual fly-rigging system was installed and the finishing touches were applied over the next two years. While the CPAE center had a “soft” opening with the Jazzin’ for a Cure production in mid-May, Monday’s ceremony served as the pinnacle event.

In attendance were numerous dignitaries, including the entire DUSD Board of Trustees, several Dublin City Council Members and past graduates. Among the speakers were Dublin Mayor, DHS teacher and Dublin High School alum Tim Sbranti, DUSD Board President Sean Kenney, Superintendent Stephen Hanke and DHS Principal Carol Shimizu. Mr. Kenney went out of his way to ensure that the audience would acknowledge the hard work and support of previous Trustee members and that this new structure would not have been made possible without them and the support of citizen voters in Dublin.

Dublin High School Center for Performing Arts and Education Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 33Subsequent to the ribbon cutting ceremony, all in attendance were gifted with an opportunity to tour the entire complex. This tour included the video production room, choir, drama and band classrooms and the CPAE itself. Starting at 7:00 PM, each group performed on the main stage for all to enjoy. The evening concluded on a very high note. DHS Senior Vivian Sung performed the First Movement of Sonata Opus 81A (Beethoven) and Alborada del Gracio (Ravel) on a Grand Piano on the stark/curtained stage. It was a moving a fitting punctuation to a celebratory night at Dublin High School. would like to congratulate many people. Notably, we would like to recognize Senior Director of Facilities, Kim McNeeley and Project Manager Robert Thomas. The center will flourish for years to come under Dublin Chorale Director, Jonathan Ulrich, Drama Teacher, Bryant Hoex and Irish Guard Band Director, Paul Everts. Congratulations to all for the new “crown jewel” in Dublin.

(photos: Michael Utsumi and Mary Morehead)

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