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“I am… Arts and Humanities” Series Launched by Dublin High School Students

August 8, 2015

DSC07746“One thing is certain: the arts keep you alive.” – Vincent Price

In 2010, Stanley Fish declared in the New York Times that the “crisis of the humanities” had officially arrived. In the years following, numerous articles debated and discussed what was happening to the arts and humanities in our schools. Statistics were thrown around. Studies were analyzed. Some lamented the humanities’ apparent end. Others were convinced that they were still thriving.

I sincerely hope that the latter is true, considering all of my experiences at Dublin High School . It was in my English class that I delved into lessons of morality and social responsibility. It was in my art class that I forced my mind to think creatively and unexpectedly. And it was in my Spanish class that made me crave for a world unfamiliar, something that proved crucial when it was time to commit to college.

I could go on and on about why I love the arts and humanities, but I’d rather introduce the heart of this article instead – a new series: “I am … Arts & Humanities”. This series will spotlight Dublin High School students who are keeping the arts alive in our community. We have musicians, artists, and writers who will hopefully inspire other budding creators to proudly declare “I am a ___.”

Dublin High School is filled with diverse talents and teachers and staff members supportive of them. The goal with this series is to celebrate these people who have pursued their passions in the arts and humanities, despite the social stigmas against these fields. If you know of anyone – including yourself – that fits this description, please email We’d love to do a feature!

The first four articles in the series will soon be followed by a fifth on Monday.

The I am… Arts & Humanities Series is authored by Dublin High School Class of 2015 graduate Grace Li, who will be attending Harvard University this fall, and Dublin High School junior Alexandra Stassinopoulos, who is a writer for the Dublin Shield, president of the Young Writers Club and enjoys writing short stories. Interested in writing for this series? Contact us at

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