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Dublin High School Outgoing ASB President Luke Legins Takes Leadership Lessons to College

September 2, 2014
Luke Legins

Luke Legins

Dublin High School Class of 2014 graduate and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo freshman Luke Legins sat down with to share his experiences as Dublin High School’s ASB President, and the leadership experience that will benefit him in college and beyond. Legins is planning to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Business (“agribusiness“) at Cal Poly. Legins was the Dublin Rotary Student of the Month for May, the Dublin Lions Club Student of the Month for September and is a California Scholarship Federation Life Member. What was your approach as Dublin High School student body president last year?

Luke Legins: “I was on ASB for two years, as vice president in my junior year and president in my senior year. My main focus was trying to involve everyone in the Leadership class, rather than focusing on one person running the whole thing. I wanted to find the individual strengths of each person. For example, if one person is good at art have them make the posters, if another person is good at delegating, have them organize volunteers, or if someone is good at public speaking have them represent the ASB at events.” What role does the Dublin High School ASB play in student life?

Legins: “In the beginning of the year Leadership is focused on Homecoming. We put on everything, the parade, the carnival, setup for the dance, promotion of the event. We go to elementary schools and hand out flyers for the carnival and coordinate involvement of the Dublin High clubs. We also put on all of the dances throughout the year, and anything that is focused on the students including lunch time activities, rallies, and the powder puff fundraising event.

“ASB is also the voice of the students. The Dublin High Administration will come to the Leadership class to ask our opinion on different situations.” How did direct access to the administration change your view of running a high school?

DHS ASB President Luke Legins

DHS Outgoing ASB President Luke Legins

Legins: “You definitely see both points of view. As a student you can be blind to views from the administration because you hear everything indirectly, through rumors. Getting first hand information, and working with Tim Sbranti who runs Leadership, gives you a different perspective. You can see where the administration is coming from when there are disagreements with the students. The administration has to run a school and be responsible for 2,000 kids.” For juniors and seniors that are entering the critical point in high school where college decisions are made, what advice do you have for managing the inevitable stress?

Legins: “I was out for two months with mono at the start of my senior year which resulted in a whole other level of stress as I was trying to get my applications done. I started in the summer, narrowing down the schools I was going to apply to. Starting early is the best thing you can do, creating rough drafts of essays in the summer. Like many students I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to do, or a number one college, I didn’t know if I wanted a big school or a small school.

“I visited some schools in the summer, including ASU and U. of A. in Arizona, and of course the California schools. I decided UCs, California state schools and the Arizona schools would be my focus. The California state schools and Arizona applications were pretty easy, the UCs involved essays and because I was out with mono I couldn’t finish my essays until near the deadline. Ms. Cunningham at Dublin High School was really helpful during the editing process. I had a feeling I would fit in to any of those schools.

“I was concerned because my grades were impacted by missing over two months of school; I worked really hard to catch-up and get through the first semester without lowering my chances of getting into college.” How did you end up committing to Cal Poly?

Legins: “I really wasn’t sure if I was going to get into Cal Poly, it was late and many of my friends had heard back, I was nervous. I was planning on attending the University of Arizona and then Cal Poly’s acceptance letter arrived and it changed everything. I loved every time I visited Cal Poly, the atmosphere of San Luis Obispo and the programs offered by the school.” What have you learned so far as Head Intern on the David Haubert for Mayor campaign?

Volunteering for the Haubert Campaign

Volunteering for the Haubert Campaign

Legins: “I’ve been around school elections and campaigns since the 8th grade so it was familiar territory but on a much larger scale, talking to adult voters rather than students. During the summer the focus has been on getting David’s name out and visible in the community, educating people on David’s positions, finding kids to volunteer and help. David is very focused on involving youth in his campaign, which is great.

“First we started with walking Dublin neighborhoods to invite voters to Meet and Greet events. We’re now working on finding lawn sign locations and soon will be canvassing door-to-door. Our goal is to cover every voter in Dublin.

“David also wants to make sure that every person who is 18 before the election has registered to vote. It’s not easy because almost everyone who just graduated and turned 18 is heading off to college, it’s not top of mind. I’m going to use social media to remind my peers that regardless of where you go to college, you are still a resident of Dublin and can vote in the election.” Talk about the challenge of getting teens engaged in an election campaign?

Legins: “A lot of free pizza, free lunch! It’s not easy convincing kids to help with something that isn’t in their comfort zone. It’s hard to break some kids out and show them that it’s not that bad. I remind kids that volunteering looks good on their resume and college applications. I enjoy getting kids engaged and involved, it’s what I’m all about.” What advice do you have for incoming Dublin High School ASB President Tatiana Bouri?

Incoming ASB President Tatiana Bouri

Incoming ASB President Tatiana Bouri

Legins: “Don’t take everything on yourself, delegate. You have good kids to work with in the Leadership class, trust them. Try to include everyone as much as you can, which really helped me. And remember to have fun because you only get to be ASB President once! As ASB President you need to carry yourself a certain way on and off campus, you are representing the school.

“I’ll always remember having the opportunity to be ASB President and look forward to discovering leadership opportunities at Cal Poly.”

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