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Dublin High School Proposed Schedule Change Overview for the College and Career Readiness Program

June 8, 2014
Parents and Students at Town Hall Meeting

Parents and Students at Thursday’s Town Hall Meeting

The next opportunity to learn more about the proposed Dublin High School schedule change (to enable the implementation of a College and Career Readiness Program) and to provide feedback is Monday June 9, 6:30pm in Dublin High School. The School Board is likely voting on the budget increase required for the change at the June 24 board meeting. According to Superintendent Dr. Stephen Hanke, if the Board does not approve the budget by June 24 there will likely not be time to implement the changes for the upcoming school year. As a result, a series of town hall meetings to communicate a vision for the change and to seek community input are being held back-to-back. The first town hall (read more here for a detailed summary), was held on Thursday June 5, and was well attended.

In addition to the second town hall on June 9, there will be a public hearing on Tuesday June 10 during the regularly scheduled School Board meeting which starts at 6:30pm in the Dublin Unified School District Boardroom (7471 Larkdale Ave.). Note that the public hearing is currently listed as the last agenda item so join the meeting in progress when you are able to do so even if arriving at 6:30pm is not possible.

Dublin High Proposed Schedule Changes 2014-16

Dublin High Proposed Schedule Changes 2014-16

If you are unable to attend any of the town halls or the public hearing (and all Dublin High parents and students are strongly encouraged to attend), below is more information on the proposed change. A detailed plan and FAQ on the changes is not currently available, but will be shared when published by the District.

Note that while a Board vote is required for the plan to proceed, based on discussions with Board members it appears highly likely this change is going to be approved and implemented for the 2014-15 school year. Parents and students are therefore encouraged to raise issues and concerns now so that there is time before the start of the school year to mitigate concerns where possible. Below are email addresses to key people for questions and/or concerns you have about the change.

Key contacts for questions / concerns:

Below is the Dublin High School College and Career Readiness Program (CCRP) presentation summary that was presented during the first Town Hall Meeting (note that this information below is current as of this article; contact the District or Dublin High School for the latest information):

  • What is it? A program that supports high academic achievement for all students through:
    • A Tutoring and Testing Center
    • A flexible Academic Resources Period (ARP)
    • A College and Career Readiness Seminar/Freshmen Mentoring Program for 9th-grade students
  • Why are we doing this?
    • To provide underachieving students additional academic support embedded in the school day
    • To encourage and motivate students to maximize their academic potential
    • To support high-performing students with time and resources to meet the demands of their rigorous schedule
    • To prepare all students for success beyond high school
  • How are we doing this? Through targeted structural, logistical and financial support
    • Structural
      • Implementing a Seven-Period Day
      • Establishing Tutoring and Testing Centers
      • Building a Flexible Academic Resources Period
      • Launching a College and Career Seminar\Mentoring Program for 9th graders
    • Logistical
      • Continue the work of campus-wide design team
      • Develop and implement a project plan
      • Develop and communicate policies and procedures
      • Add staff to implement and support the program (teachers, tutors, campus supervisors, et al)
    • Financial
      • Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF)
      • Base Funds •Supplemental Funds
      • Federal Funds (Title I, II Dollars)
      • Flexibility provided by Measure B
      • Other local sources i.e. DPIE, grants, corporate sponsors, et al
  • When will we do this? The plan will be implemented over a two-year period beginning with the 2014- 15 school year. It will be monitored and adjusted on an ongoing basis.
    • 2014-15 School Year
      • Seven-period day with a single lunch (see sample schedule)
      • Closed Campus for freshmen during lunch
      • Tutoring and Testing Centers
      • Academic Resources Period
      • College and Career Readiness Seminar/Freshmen Mentoring Program
    • 2015-16 School Year
      • Seven-period day with two extended lunch periods (see sample schedule)
      • Expanded Tutoring and Testing Centers • Enriched Academic Resources Period
      • Refined College and Career Readiness Seminar
      • Freshmen Mentoring Program during lunch

To help parents and students visualize the change, the District and Dublin High School staff have prepared a series of scenarios summarizing how different students will benefit and/or be impacted by the proposed changes:

  1. Steve is a student who is struggling in one or more classes. He:
    • Makes use of the Tutoring Center during Academic Resources Period for one-on-one and group tutoring. He does so voluntarily for his English class, but is assigned to the Center for help with math by his classroom teacher.
    • Retakes tests during Academic Resources Period.
    • Starts homework during Academic Resources Period, and get help from peers.
    • Meets with his counselor during Academic Resources Period to help find solutions to why he is struggling.
  2. Michelle is a student in strong academic standing with a rigorous schedule including Honors and AP Classes. She:
    • Uses the time during Academic Resource Period to start or complete homework or work in study groups on assignments in order to lighten the homework load at home.
    • Takes the opportunity when need be, to go the Tutoring Center to receive help on a specific concept in Advanced Placement Biology.
    • Uses the time to work on college or scholarship applications in the Career Center/computer lab.
    • Volunteers in the Tutoring Center, helping other students, and gains community service hours/points.
  3. Kara is a student who is not struggling, but managing her current academic load well. She: 
    • Accesses the Testing Center during Academic Resources Period to take a test missed due to absence for illness or field trip or to do test re-take if teacher deems applicable.
    • Accesses the Tutoring Center during Academic Resources Period for help on any assignment that presents a challenge. Could be for just a single unit or even just prep for finals.
    • Studies/works on homework with friends during Academic Resources Period. She is in good standing and can use the time to work at a relaxed pace and grab a snack.
    • Uses the library during Academic Resources Period to work on research assignments.
  4. Bill is a student who is participating in extra-curricular activities. He: 
    • Uses the opportunity during Academic Resource Period to complete homework to lighten the homework load following games/practices/rehearsals.
    • Practices time management skills necessary for success in college and career.
    • Accesses the Testing Center during Academic Resources Period to take a test missed due to absence for game, performance, illness or field trip or to do test re-take if teacher deems applicable.
  5. Tim is a freshman in his first year of high school. He: 
    • Attends the College and Career Readiness seminar class daily during the Academic Resources Period.
    • Learns from DHS upperclassmen during the Freshman Mentoring Program how to be a Gael, how to get involved, how to be successful in high school.
    • Accesses the Tutoring and Testing Centers as needed.

Additional information: