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Crystal Apple Awards Celebrate Outstanding Amador Valley, Foothill and Dublin High School Teachers

May 5, 2014
Crystal Apple Award WInners 2014

Crystal Apple Award WInners 2014

For over a decade Dublin and Pleasanton high school students of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have led an event that brings educators, parents, students and members of the community together to celebrate education excellence. What makes the Crystal Apple Awards unique is that students not only nominate and select the recognized teachers, but also run the evening celebration. During seminary, a religious study class held early each morning before school, students are given the opportunity to nominate a teacher that has not only made learning more meaningful, but also one who fosters character values they deem important to life.  The nominations are then considered by a committee comprised of students who review all nominations and then choose the recipients for the year.

The event featured student-led presentations filled with photo essays and memories of each recognized teacher, along with emotional thank you’s from the Dublin High School, Amador Valley High School and Foothill High School teachers. The Crystal Apple Awards recognize teachers who take the extra time and care to look after each of their students and help them in their school career, while also giving guidance in living a good life.

The Crystal Apple Award recipients for 2014 are:

  • Amador Valley High School (Pleasanton) – Jen Hoenshell and Amber Carrion
  • Dublin High School (Dublin) – John Parsons and Gregory Rodriguez
  • Foothill High School (Pleasanton) – Joshua Hill and James Clark

Dublin High Teacher Gregory Rodriguez with Susie Viazzo

Dublin High Teacher Gregory Rodriguez with Susie Viazzo

A consistent theme throughout the event was how each teacher had inspired their students with a passion for education. Amador Valley High School student Chase Barkdull on teacher Amber Carrion, “I have learned more things about being a leader, and just being a good student, from Mrs. Carrion than I have from any other teacher.”

Foothill High School student Jessica Amos on teacher Joshua Hill, “He is passionate about what he teachers, and always gives good advice. He makes learning fun and it is evident that he cares about each of his students.”

Dublin High School student Samuel Merrill on teacher John Parsons, “He has a great love for reading and writing, and wanted to share with his students how fun language and literature can be. He doesn’t just teach to teach – he teaches to inspire.”

The full house in attendance for this year’s event means there will likely be many teachers in the years ahead who will celebrate a Crystal Apple Award.

Additional photos from the event are available here.

Past Crystal Apple Award recipients:

Amador Valley High School

Dublin High School

Foothill High School

2004 Mr. Neil Bellow, Mr. Matt Campbell Ms. Kim Penske, Mr. Ron Rubio Mr. Dustin Collins. Mr. Robert Loew
2005 Ms. Linda Newman, Mr. Peter Robbins Ms. Veronica Alvarez, Ms. Sara Hollison Mr. Ed Cloyd, Ms. Nina Rees
2006 Mr. Clark Fuller, Mr. Darren Pagtakhan Ms. Kim Bauman, Mr. Jeff Taylor Mr. Kurt Richey, Mr. Scott Sears
2007 Mr. Chris Murphy, Mr. Colin Wenstrand Mr. Tim Sbranti, Mrs. Lenni Velez Mrs. Mary Crawbuck, Mr. Howard Gilliland
2008 Mr. Mark Aubel, Ms. Pattie Peters Ms. Rebecca Briggs, Ms. Anna Kim Ms. Barbara Correia, Mr. John Nix
Officer Floyd Gill (Alameda County Sheriff’s Office – DHS), Ms. Laurie Sargent (Valley High School)
2009 Mrs. Jill Battilega, Ms. Anne Johnson Mr. Darren Tippit, Mr. Mark Wainwright Mr. Scott Gorsuch, Ms. JoAnn Koobatian
Ms. Liz Paz-Rumore (Quarry Lane School)
2010 Ms. Delise Anderson, Ms. Mairi Wohlgemuth Ms. Barbara Hall, Ms. Julianne Sundstrom Mr. Greg Haubner, Mr. Zach Lipman
2011 Mr. Matt Kelley, Mr. Ryan Templeman Ms. Kathleen MacDonald, Ms. Maria Vlahiotis Mr. Jeremy Detamore, Mr. David Middleton
2012 Ms. Heather Pereira, Mr. Matt Thayer Ms. Lauren Andrade, Ms. Rochelle Morris Mr. Tom Calvert,
Ms. Shaun Martins
Mr. Tom Pankey (Valley High School)
2013 Mr. Tom Hall,
Mr. Jon Grantham
Ms. Lisa Carhart,
Ms. Kelly Beck
Mr. Chris Jones,
Mr. Michael Leitz
Ms. Laurie Sargent (Valley High School)

Presented by Dublin and Pleasanton high school students of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


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