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Dublin High School’s Annual Club Faire Inspires Students to Get Involved

September 23, 2013
Dublin High UNICEF Club

Dublin High UNICEF Club

Dublin High School recently hosted their annual Club Faire. The Club Faire is an opportunity for the diverse student groups on campus to promote their organizations and attract new members. As City of Dublin Mayor and Dublin High Student Activities Director Tim Sbranti stated, the Club Faire is “one of our single biggest activities that we do to get the most amount of students involved.” Dublin High has over sixty clubs this year, ranging from academics, services, hobbies, special interests, and religion. In other words, there is a club for everyone to join on campus! Students are also encouraged to create their own clubs and bring new perspectives to students at DHS.

Dublin High School Drama Club at the Club Faire 2013

Dublin High Drama Club

Among the clubs that participated in this year’s Club Faire were the Drama Club, the American Red Cross Club, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Club, and the California Scholarship Federation (CSF) Club. President Rachel Gregory and Vice-President Melany Scannell run the Drama Club, which organizes three major plays each year. They arrange the Fall Play (Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’), which is in rehearsals and opens Thursday October 24, the One-Acts, which will have a casting call around November for early-January performances, and the Spring Play. Students who join this club can expect to “have fun and find people who are very accepting. Everyone is really close and it is a nice way to get people to branch out and come out of their shell a little bit.”

American Red Cross Club

American Red Cross Club

The American Red Cross Club’s publicist, senior Ericka Lacsamana, describes the club as a “community service club that helps with the blood drives every year. We also fund raise and donate money and supplies for people suffering from natural disasters.” Their club’s goal is to recruit as many members as they can and to raise more money in order to help those in need. Some activities or fundraisers that the American Red Cross club organize include two blood drives a year, bake sales, and other events.

I am currently President of the UNICEF Club, which was also represented at Club Faire. UNICEF is a “non-profit organization that helps children overcome hard obstacles, such as discrimination, disease, and poverty. UNICEF also promotes education for young girls, helps prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, and seeks to gain rights for children in all parts of the world.” We participated in the Club Faire to recruit new members so we can organize fundraisers and donate money to children in countries that are unable to support themselves. One of the major activities that the UNICEF Club organizes each year is the Trick-or-Treat fundraiser, where students last year helped raise over $500 to save and improve children’s lives.

Lastly, senior Kellie Lue, President of the CSF Club, describes the club as an “organization that combines a academic achievement with community service.” As Treasurer, “CSF is widely recognized in the state of California and can be found in almost every high school. Being a member of the club will look great on a student’s college transcript and will allow them to showcase their community hours.”

Clubs are very important for students to join because it makes their high school experience more memorable and allows them to be united with other students who hold the same interests as them. Club participation also looks good on college applications and allows students to be active and a part of something bigger. The Club Faire at Dublin High is a perfect opportunity for students to take part in something they believe in and to help make a difference.

Sophia Bafaiz recently joined as a student writer and is currently a junior at Dublin High School. Sophia is currently a volunteer at the Pleasanton ValleyCare Medical Center where she greets visitors and patients, and provides aid to staff members. Sophia is also the President of Dublin High’s UNICEF Club and Treasurer of the California Scholarship Federation Club. Sophia was a member of the Youth Advisory Committee for the City of Dublin where she was in charge of providing input on youth services and addressing issues that affect the youth of Dublin. During the school year, Sophia is a peer tutor and a part of the Leadership class, and is an active soccer player. Sophia enjoys volunteering and helping members of the community and by becoming a contributing writer for, plans to write about important issues and events, and make a positive impact. In her words, Sophia “looks forward to giving back to the community and making a difference one story at a time!”

Dublin High School CSF Club

Dublin High School CSF Club

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