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Dublin High School Baccalaureate Celebrates Class of 2013

June 9, 2013

Dublin High School Baccalaureate Class of 2013 - 2Senior Camille Chabot: “We are not here to receive anything, we are here to reflect … and share Gael stories of pride, challenge, success and disappointment.” So began the Dublin High School Class of 2013 baccalaureate, an annual event that brings together seniors, educators, parents and extended family members to share in a very personal series of memories before the pageantry of commencement.

Despite the 100-degree heat (and a lack of air conditioning in the Dublin High Sports Complex), the rows of seniors, sharp in their commencement robes, and family members behind them filling the stands, sat in rapt attention to the speakers, performers and slide show of memories. Both students and their parents shared in the tears and laughter of this wonderful event.

Dublin High School Baccalaureate Class of 2013 - 5Senior class president Randi Nguyen and vice president Hillary Santuya: “Whether we’re going away or staying home, we all fear the unknown. We are terrified to be going on our separate ways, so we’re trying to make memories that never fade. We know nothing will ever be the same,  yet this is a day we’ve all been preparing for, since the day we walked through the first classroom door. Now it’s time to say goodbye, spread your wings, you’re ready to fly. Shed a tear and share a smile, and be sure to remember all the while, that although it may be time to move on, today’s memories will last you all life long.”

In an event that had so many highlights, including a beautiful rendering of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by senior Norita Saha, and a collage of thank you’s from teachers presented by class advisor  and teacher Jennifer McCort, nothing was more powerful than the keynote speech delivered by Dublin High School teacher Ron Rubio. Introduced by his son, and outgoing student body president Manuel, Ron Rubio’s speech masterfully balanced a message to the graduating seniors and a shared empathy with their parents.

Dublin High School Baccalaureate Class of 2013 Teacher Ron RubioRon Rubio to the Class of 2013 seniors: “This time of year can be a very tough for your parents. I know what I’m talking about, this is my second kid graduating through Dublin High School. This is very tough on your parents – it was just a blink of an eye when you were a small child. They turned around for a minute, and now you’re here. When you were little and you came home you’d run and throw your arms around your parents, and squeeze them, and tell them you loved them, and couldn’t wait to see them, crawled into their laps, held their hands, hugged them.

“Now when they try to talk to you, you act bored, you roll your eyes and get dismissive. So these next few days be nice to your parents. When they want to hug you, hug them back. When they want to take the extra picture, and get a little misty-eyed, be nice to them, and let them do it.”

The connection of students and parents continued with seniors Kendra Cheda and Christa Hunt emotionally thanking and introducing the class parent representatives (and their mothers), and senior Spencer Hollie introducing his mother, Rev. Sharon Hollie, who used the journey of friendship from elementary school to college as the foundation for her speech that blessed the leaving class.

Dublin High School Baccalaureate Class of 2013 - 15In her words to close the event, senior Samantha Theard shared, “It is such a rush to be at this point in our high school careers, there are so many emotions tied into this one moment in our lives, and as excited as we all are to move on, I think it is safe to say we have a lot to be thankful for. Events like these remind us how blessed we are to have grown up in a community unlike any other. We look around this room and we see our incredible family, inspiring teachers and truly lifelong friends.But, it is far too easy to be caught up in this whirlwind of celebration. We can’t forget the people who have made this moment possible. So, on behalf of my class, thank you. Thank you to our friends and to our family and to this entire community for making us the people we are today and creating a foundation that is unbreakable for our future.”

Following the speeches, the air-conditioned Student Union welcomed students and their families with snacks and colorful student memory boards prepared by the parents for each student. With only a few days before commencement, days that include high school exam finals, baccalaureate provided a wonderful moment of reflection.

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