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Dublin High School Student-Directed One Act Plays Open Thursday January 5

January 2, 2012

Dublin High One Acts Dress Rehearsal

While much of Dublin spent Monday relaxing in front the TV catching the Rose Bowl game, clearing away holiday decorations or enjoying the last few hours of a vacation, Dublin High School’s Drama Club students were bustling in preparation for opening night this Thursday (January 5).

Dublin High School Drama Club’s annual One Acts production is a popular event where students get the unique opportunity to take on the role of director. This year, seven students took on the responsibilty of  selecting, casting and directing musical excerpts and short plays. For those new to live theatre, the One Acts provides an opportunity to experience comedies, dramas and musical numbers all in one evening.

The One Acts open this Thursday Jan. 5 at 7pm for a four-performance run that continues Jan. 6-7 at 7pm and closes with a matinée on Sunday Jan. 8 at 2pm. Tickets are $10 for adults and $7 for students. stopped by Dublin High’s Little Theatre to ask each student director about their selected piece:

Each student director also shared their thoughts on what it has been like stepping off the stage and into the role of leading fellow students:

Almost, Maine; Directed by Nicole Hamre

“I’ve learned so much from my cast – they’ve taught me how to respect theatre and the people who aren’t on stage who work so hard to make it all happen.”

A Whole House Full of Babies; Directed by Kristyn Lue

“Out of everything I’ve done in the theatre, I think directing has made me the least stressed because I’ve really worked with my cast and learned how to be more of a team player than a crazy tyrant. It’s been great learning from the actors, being able to watch them and learn from them.”

Night Visits; Directed by Nate Bennett

“Directing poses its own stresses. Directing is nice because you don’t need to learn lines, but directing is so much more stressful: getting people together and planning. I loved acting but I love directing too. It will be really hard in the future picking between the two.”

The Man Who Couldn’t Dance; Directed by Ryan McRee

“What I’ve learned as a director is how to pay attention to the details, which is something that will help me as an actor, and of course directing has helped me with leadership skills and it’s taught me what you need to do in order to make certain things work in a play. Being a director has been an awesome experience.”

The Office; Directed by Emily Morehead

“The most eye-opening thing about being a director is getting to see acting from a different perspective. I’ve always been an actor and as a director I’ve noticed how close and personal a play becomes to a director and now I understand why Mr. Hoex is so passionate about how well we do in plays.”

Variations of the Death of Trotsky; Directed by Sarah Finn

“I’ve learned a lot about responsibility – you have a whole cast riding on your decisions – you have to put out your best to make their experience the best. You learn a lot about how to take care of things and take care of other people.”

[Title of Show] – 2 musical numbers; Directed by Chris Harral

“Being a director let’s you look at things from a different perspective, you pick up on things you normally wouldn’t pick up on if you were the actor. It’s really cool to see something that you’ve been in charge of come together. You become a family with your cast – it’s cool to be able to learn something from them as you teach them.”

Full cast listings are available here. Dublin High School’s Drama Club is led by Drama Director Bryant Hoex. Mr. Hoex also teaches Drama at Wells Middle School.

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