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John Green Elementary + Lawrence Hall of Science = Art of Math Festival

April 23, 2010

Art of Math Festival Marvelous Mandalas

John Green Elementary School, in partnership with the Lawrence Hall of Science, held a fun and educational Art of Math Festival Thursday night.  John Green Elementary School students and their parents enjoyed an evening of math-themed activities that prove math is not only useful – but also creative and fun.  The Lawrence Hall of Science Art of Math Festival combines art, math and creative cooperative work through a variety of hands on activities.

The Lawrence Hall of Science, established in 1968 at the University of California – Berkeley, is a renowned resource center for preschool through high school science and mathematics education, and a public science center with exciting hands-on experiences for learners of all ages.  For families that couldn’t attend the event, or are looking for more, a weekend visit to the Lawrence Hall of Science is highly recommended.  

Art of Math Festival Kaleidoscope Kapers

The Lawrence Hall of Science Art of Math Festival activities included:

  • Quilt-o-Rama
  • Geoboards
  • Tile-it
  • Spirals and Helices
  • Wonder Waves
  • Beads, Beads, Beads
  • Origami
  • A-Mazing Mazes
  • All-a-Border
  • Kaleidoscope Kapers
  • Paper Strip Sculpture
  • Marvelous Mandalas

Art of Math Festival A-mazing Mazes

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