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Life as a Dublin High Freshman – from Fallon to Dublin High

January 22, 2010
Much Ado About Nothing Cast Members Ursula and Antonio

Me as Ursula (on the right) from the Dublin High production of "Much Ado About Nothing"

I have never been so nervous in my entire life. Not only was high school a huge step up from middle school, but I have been surrounded by negativity about Dublin High since I started elementary school at Dougherty. I wasn’t sure if Dublin High was going to be as horrible as everyone said, or if it was going to be amazing, but I was ready to form my own opinion.

My first day started off like this: Physical Education, Biology, Geometry, Choir, Spanish 2 and Advanced English. I didn’t know many people and I was overwhelmed at first. My teachers were stricter, tougher and expected a lot more of me than in middle school. Some of the buildings were older than I was used to, but that didn’t bother me at all. Although I was overwhelmed, like any Freshman, I had already decided that Dublin High was definitely not horrible like everyone had said.

Looking back at my first semester, I have made amazing new friends and learned so much.  I love Dublin High.  My teachers have challenged me to be my best, and I cannot believe how much I’ve learned. Writing has been a passion of mine since 1st grade and it has been a dream of mine to be an English major in university (maybe even UC Berkeley). To chase my dream, near the end of 8th grade I wrote an essay and was accepted into Dublin High’s Advanced English program. Being in Mrs. Cunningham’s Advanced English class meant working hard even before school started.  Last summer I had to finish Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities along with seven pages of quote-notes as well as read How to Read Literature Like a Professor. This was a large task to take on over the summer, but I wanted a challenge. Mrs. Cunningham’s Advanced English class is difficult but I’ve seen my writing improve as a result. I greatly enjoy myself in her class and appreciate the summer homework she gave us.

I have always had to work hard in math, and I was worried about how well I would do in Geometry. I soon realized I had nothing to worry about since my math teacher, Mr. Taylor (who, as it turns out, is a Dublin High alumni), thoughtfully explains every chapter.  I started getting A’s on my quizzes and tests. My Spanish 2 teacher, Mrs. Soule, has improved my Spanish more than I thought possible. My friends and I agree that although her class is challenging and comes with a lot of work, we have never learned Spanish so well. I am extremely grateful about how much I have learned, and I am happy to say that my last progress report came with straight A’s.

One of the best characteristics of Dublin High is the spirit. There is always something exciting going on or about to happen. I had a blast getting involved during homecoming week and being able to go the carnival, dance and football game. I look forward to each rally so I can scream our battle cry: “V-I-C-T-O-R-Y that’s Our Freshman Battle Cry!” I also participate in spirit days and attend sporting events.

The best decision I ever made was joining the Drama Club. On the second week of school, I tried out and got a part in my first Dublin High Drama Production, Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing”. I began rehearsals and became great friends with my cast. I learned great acting tips from the upperclassmen and from my director who did an outstanding job directing the play. I came to the school on weekends to paint sets and clean the theater and even traveled around Dublin advertising the play. I looked forward to each rehearsal in order to improve my acting and to hang out with the great friends I had made. Before each performance of Much Ado, my entire cast would stand in a circle holding hands. We went around the circle to talk about our experiences, hopes and dreams, and soon many of us were in tears. Now that “Much Ado About Nothing” is over, I am preparing for my next performance in the “One Acts”. The One Acts involves five different hilarious short plays, each about a completely different topic, which are directed by students. As in Much Ado, I have had an outstanding time getting ready for this production. I am ecstatic that I have been a part of two Dublin High Drama Productions and have become a member of a new family.

Now that I have personal experience with Dublin High School, my heart sinks a little bit each time someone puts down Dublin High. I love my school, and it makes me feel horrible that some people say terrible things about Dublin High. I am a proud student of Dublin High School, and I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. For everyone in East Dublin: it is worth the 10 minute drive. For everyone in Dublin: be proud that you have such an amazing high school. I love Dublin High, and am proud to go to such a fun, challenging and accepting high school.

– Emily Morehead – Dublin High Freshman (Class of 2013)

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  1. Michele Burns permalink
    March 30, 2010 7:58 am

    Emily, your outlook inspires me. Not only are you a successful high school student in the academic realm, you are choosing to embrace the many opportunities that allow you to grow and develop as a well rounded individual. You are choosing to contribute to the community by your participation in the theatre production, writing this informative experiential article for the public at large, as well as sharing your life amongst peers at school and most likely within your neighborhood. Your influence of active participation along with an optimistic attitude will encourage many. It sounds to me like you are well on your way to UC Berkeley or other higher learning institutions. Keep up the good work.

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