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Dublin High School Quiz

How much do you know about Dublin High School? Take the Dublin High School quiz and find out!

  1. What percentage of the 2009 Dublin High School graduating class reported attending college? What about the Class of 2010? And the Class of 2011?
  2. How many Dublin High students won College Board AP Scholar Awards in 2009? in 2010?
  3. What was Dublin High School’s API in 2011? Bonus: how much has Dublin High School’s API grown over the past three years?
  4. What was Dublin High School’s ranking in 2010 according to the California Department of Education?
  5. How many Advanced Placement (AP), Honors and Advanced courses does Dublin High School offer for college preparation?
  6. Is there a bus route from Dublin Ranch to Dublin High School for students?
  7. How many clubs are offered at Dublin High School for extracurricular enrichment?
  8. How much are Dublin residents investing to rebuild and renew Dublin High School?
  9. Which UC and CSU campuses did 2009 Dublin High School graduates report attending?
  10. Name 6 universities that offered admission to Dublin High Class of 2010 seniors that are also in the top 10 US News & World Report 2010 College Rankings.
  11. Is Dublin High School one of America’s Top Public High Schools (top 6%) according to Newsweek magazine?
  12. How many diploma options does Dublin High School offer to cover the diverse needs of all students?
  13. What was the UC acceptance rate for Dublin High students in 2008-9 (the most recent period reported)?

Click here to check your answers.

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