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Tassajara Prep Location Options

A central attraction for some Dublin parents to the Tri-Valley Learning Corp. Tassajara Prep. charter high school petition has been an east of BART location.  In a recent article regarding Tassajara Prep., Tri-Valley Learning Corp. representative “[John] Zukoski said that location is less important, and it’s up to the district to offer an appropriate facility by law” signalling the reality that it is unlikely Tassajara Prep will open east of BART if approved.

In the same article: “It’s not clear to [Dublin Unified School District Superintendent] Hanke where the charter school would set up shop. All the district must do is offer comparable facilities. There are none, said Hanke. The only vacant school is the former Neilsen elementary school on the city’s west side. It does not meet space requirements for high school facilities, he said.”

If Tassajara Prep is approved to open, there are two paths to an east of BART location: leveraging Prop. 39 to gain access to a Dublin Unified School District facility that provides suitable facilities for a high school or rent available space in a vacant building that is zoned for use as a school.

[UPDATE: Sept 2011] According to the Tri-Valley Learning Corp. website (details available here), Tassajara Prep, if approved, will likely be based in Livermore for at least the first five years. No specific Dublin location has been identified: “The pending charter petition will be a Dublin, California based high school but will likely be physically located in Livermore for the first five years.”

Prop. 39 Access to Dublin High School

Proposition 39, passed in the Nov 2000 election, provides charter schools with a mechanism to gain access to school district facilities.  Tri-Valley Learning Corp. used Prop. 39 to gain access to Portola Elementary School facilities for Livermore Valley Charter Preparatory School (a Livermore-based charter high school opening Fall 2010).

As noted in the Tassajara Prep Findings of Fact prepared by the Dublin Unified School District there are no available east of BART District facilities available for a high school.  The only suitable option is Dublin High School, an undesirable outcome for all involved given the controversy that has followed Tassajara Prep. and divisive nature of the proposal.  If ultimately approved to open, which is not guaranteed given recent State Board of Education decisions regarding charter school petitions, the community will be ill-served by co-locating Tassajara Prep and Dublin High School.

Rent Vacant Space

An alternative to accessing Dublin High School via Prop. 39 is to rent vacant space (possibly a storefront or portion of an office building). is not aware of any public statements from Tri-Valley Learning Corp.  regarding this  option, which would likely require the City of Dublin to change the zoning to enable a school location.  Mr. Zukoski’s statements noted above and statements made by Bill Batchelor during the Fall 2009 Tassajara Prep Town Hall Meetings indicate Tri-Valley Learning Corp. would likely request access to Dublin High School under Prop. 39 for Tassajara Prep.

It should be noted that the County Board of Education made the following observation in their report regarding the Tassajara Prep charter petition: “There is no mention in the Petition of an alternate solution for facilities if the school does not meet the timeline with regards to filing a Prop 39 request. Further, there is no provision in the budget for facilities/capital outlay should Petitioners need to rent a site for the school. Facilities plans must reflect reasonable costs for the acquisition or leasing of facilities to house the charter school per Education Code section 47605(g).”

Longer term Tassajara Prep has also promised a brand-new facility. is not aware of any land zoned or available from the City of Dublin to build a new high school east of BART.

Parents interested in Tassajara Prep because of the promise of an east of BART location are encouraged to challenge Tri-Valley Learning Corp. and Tassajara Prep officials regarding the likely location of the school.

Dublin High School Location

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  1. Archana Bankar permalink
    July 20, 2014 5:08 pm

    East Dublin badly needs ahigh scool. It is very difficult to send or drop our kids so far every morning. Besides evry city has 2 high schools. Why not in Dublin? With the growing population due to the new houses it is high time that a second high school be build here. San Ramon is providing so many school facilities to its residences. Dublin has money available and now is the time to make use of it.

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