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Education Enrichment Center – Interview with Owner Moon Hee Park

Moon Hee Park - Owner - Education Enrichment Center

Moon Hee Park, Dublin resident and parent of children attending Fallon Middle School and John Green Elementary School, recently sat down with to talk about the Education Enrichment Center in Pleasanton, California (which Mrs. Park purchased earlier this year).

Mrs. Park completed her secondary and post-secondary education in Korea, and continued her studies in Rome, Italy with four years of post-graduate business education.  Mrs. Park and her family moved to the United States from Korea in 2003 in order for their children to receive a US education experience.  Mrs. Park purchased the Education Enrichment Center after volunteering in local Dublin public schools and seeing a need for both extra help and extra enrichment for some students.

The Education Enrichment Center provides an option to parents that want to augment a traditional public school experience with 1:1 or very small classroom enrichment experiences.  A variety of courses are offered for kindergarten to high school age children including Accelerated ReadingAmerican Mathematics Competitions preparation, Intensive ESL (English as a Second Language), Public Speaking and Debate preparation and coming February 2011, SAT preparation.  The full outline of courses available at the Education Enrichment Center is available here.

The Education Enrichment Center employs highly skilled teachers credentialed to teach in California.  Courses include tests to gauge student progress and homework.  Summer courses are held twice per week, and during the school year courses are held once per week.  More information is available at

More free Education Resources are available here.


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