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David Haubert for City of Dublin Mayor Answers 5 Questions on Education Issues

The City of Dublin will elect a new mayor this November. To help Dublin voters make an informed decision, asked candidates the same five questions. Below is the unedited response received from candidate David Haubert. Responses from candidates Kevin Hart and Kasie Hildenbrand are available here. Given the importance of schools to attracting and retaining families, what will be your top three priorities as Mayor to ensure we have the best schools in the East Bay?

City of Dublin Candidate for Mayor David HaubertDavid Haubert: “I have always been a strong supporter of Dublin schools and, for 10 years I fought hard to improve the Dublin Schools. I’m proud to say that I pushed hard to ensure 10 years in a row of increased academic performance while I was in office. And while others may talk about supporting schools my actions speak for themselves. When I first arrived on the school board I successfully introduced policy changes which required the city council to consider written responses from the school district to ensure they were aware of proposed housing developments and to ensure their needs were being met. This was never done in the past. My first priority is to build upon that to have better communication and joint planning so that the schools are better prepared for the growth we continue to experience. A second priority would be to look closely at the land we have available and see how it might be used for future school needs. Recently, I devised a plan whereby the City of Dublin would give the school district the land it needs (but can’t afford) for a new elementary school. This also has never been done before. Lastly, I would like to see a program that ties in the businesses in the area with student learning. I maintain a very positive relationship with Dublin Unified staff and together I believe that can be accomplished. I understand how important a strong school district is and how it helps build a strong and desirable community.” There are significant concerns in the community about school overcrowding and the conversion of commercial property into housing. What will you do to help address this problem?

Haubert: “I’m very proud that as a Trustee of the Dublin Unified School Board I fought hard to ensure we built new schools to accommodate Dublin’s growth, as well as renovate all of our older schools with new classrooms.  I’m also proud that as a Dublin City Council member I voted to reduce housing density, in some cases by as much as 30%.  I will continue to reduce housing density whenever possible.

“Dublin sorely needs more commercial/retail space.  Past city councils have allowed development to occur without including retail and commercial space to support it.  I’m proud of the fact that I recommend the use of legally binding agreements so that retail/commercial areas are actually built alongside residential units.” Students are under tremendous pressure due to global competition, the cost of education and the challenge of being accepted into college. What role should the City play in supporting students?

Haubert: “The City plays a vital role in supporting students by attracting public/private partnerships. As Dublin Councilman I have convened a personal business leader roundtable where I discuss opportunities to partner with companies like Kaiser and other local Tri-Valley companies. If elected I will support all opportunities to encourage local businesses to partner with Dublin Unified whether it be with internships, mentoring or scholarships. In addition, I will maintain the city’s on-going financial support for Dublin Unified School District.” Not all students are college bound; what role can the City play in helping connect students to other career paths?

Haubert: “As a Trustee, I always considered it my duty to ensure our students are successful when they graduate. For some this means going to college. Others chose a trade or entrepreneurship. The City can encourage local businesses and trade associations to provide training and career mentoring.” One of Dublin’s strengths is the ethnic and socio-economic diversity of our community; what role should the City play in ensuring all families have an equal opportunity to a quality education?

Haubert: “As a Dublin City Councilmember I promise to continue to support the Dublin Unified School District in their mission to ensure our students receive a quality education. Reducing over crowding and providing additional resources will help to ensure that all students receive a quality education.”


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