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Dublin High Visual and Performing Arts: Show Choir


Grade Level:                                   9-12

Length:                                             1 year

Prerequisite:                                    Previous and/or concurrent enrollment in another music ensemble, audition, and/or permission of instructor. Preference will be given to those students concurrently enrolled in another Vocal Music class

Graduation:                                     Fulfills Fine Arts requirement

College Prep:                                   Fulfills CSU/UC Visual or Performing Arts requirement (pending)

Show Choir is a group of singer/dancers and instrumentalists performing Pop/Broadway style music in a competitive arena. Members must have a working knowledge of the fundamentals of Pop/Broadway style vocals, as well as fundamentals in movement and theatrical performance. All members must possess the ability to perform independently, practice outside of scheduled rehearsal times, and have the desire to perfect stage performance skills. Participation in Show Choir includes required attendance at evening and weekend rehearsals, community performance, and competitions held across the United States. Although there will be additional costs involved, fundraising opportunities will be available. This course may be repeated for elective credit.

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