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Dublin High Visual and Performing Arts: ROP Visual Communications (Print Graphics) I/II


Location: Dublin
Credit: 20 (1 year)
Fulfills a-g: “f” requirement – Fine Arts
College Credit: 3 credits at LPC – CSU transferable elective
Materials / Lab Fee – $10.00

Visual Communications (Print Graphics) offers both a theoretical and applied academic foundation to graphic art and traditional art. This comprehensive program emphasizes the fundamentals of the elements of art and design. The ability to plan and create original works of art will be developed through research, analysis, and critique. Students will express their original creativity visually and develop and showcase their ability to communicate ideas through visual arts communications. Students will have the opportunity to design and produce projects for clients using computer graphic design software. Examples of projects are: logo design, graphics for advertising, posters, web sites and graphics for game and software interfaces. A portfolio will be generated that can be used to demonstrate their abilities for college entrance or employment in the visual arts field. This course is articulated with Las Positas College and each student may receive college credits with a grade of “B” or better for each semester. This course meets the fine art requirement for U.C. and C.S.U.


Location: Dublin
Credit: 20 (1 year)
Prerequisite: Visual Communications I
Materials / Lab Fee – $10.00

This course is for students who want to pursue a career in the area of Graphic Design. Students will work on long term projects advancing and applying their skills, such as professional projects for local businesses. They will collaborate across the ROP Media Arts Department with other level-two students in the Multi-Media and Animation programs to form complete media teams. Create a personal portfolio of work presentable for acceptance into postsecondary schools as well as job placement as a working professional in the field.

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