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Dublin High Visual and Performing Arts: Percussion – Advanced Band


Grade Level:                                   9-12

Length:                                             1 year

Prerequisite:                                     High School band director approval or recommendation from middle school band director

Graduation:                                     Fulfills Fine Arts requirement

College Prep:                                   Fulfills CSU/UC Visual or Performing Arts requirement

Dublin High School has one band which requires experience. That band is divided according to families of instruments. All PERCUSSION PLAYERS will be in this band and then combined with the Woodwind/Brass Advanced Band Course. The band is both Marching Band and Concert Band. Please carefully read the description of the marching band portion in the WOODWIND/BRASS ADVANCED BAND DESCRIPTION..

Due to the limited parts in Concert Band music, beginning December through first weekend of April, the percussion class focuses on Winter Percussion.. February –– through first week of April, competitions are on Friday/Saturdays. Depending on the schedule,, we will do our best to select competitions for four/five Saturdays. Rehearsals are one night a week throughout school year and Saturdays (January). Students who play woodwind/brass instruments and would like to be in Winter Percussion, must be in this course (s/he will still play their woodwind/brass instruments for the concert/marching band). Percussion will perform with the concert band for the concert band’s formal concert in the Fall Semester and two concerts in the Spring Semester.

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