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Dublin High Visual and Performing Arts: Honors Advanced Vocal Music


  • Grade Level: 10-12
  • Course Length: 1 year
  • Prerequisite: Successful completion of Beginning Vocal Music, Intermediate Vocal Music or Show Choir, audition, and permission of instructor.
  • Graduation: Fulfills Fine Arts Requirement
  • College Prep: Weighted UC/CSU Visual and Performing Arts credit pending

Advanced Vocal Music focuses on challenging music, quality literature and professional performance skills of Traditional/Classical music. Students will develop a working knowledge of advanced singing techniques, music theory and music history, and focus on the ability to independently rehearse, evaluate and refine and perform their stage performance skills. In addition, students will create update and maintain an electronic portfolio that will become their professional performance resume at the conclusion of the course. Included in this portfolio will be recordings of 4 pieces prepared for auditions: each quarter, students will select an appropriate solo to analyze, interpret, rehearse, evaluate and refine. A research paper that explains the pieces history and significance will accompany the recording. Participation in Advanced Vocal Music includes required attendance at evening and weekend rehearsals, community performance, and competitions and festivals. Although there will be additional costs involved, fundraising opportunities will be available. This course may be repeated for elective credit.

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