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Dublin High Social Science: U.S. History


Grade Level:                                   11

Length:                                             1 year

Prerequisite:                                     World History

Graduation:                                     Fulfills Second year of Social Science requirement

College Prep:                                   Fulfills CSU/UC History requirement

United States History offers a broad curriculum with emphasis on vitalizing history as a link between past and present.  Students examine the chronological background of significant events and critical turning points in U. S. history, identify individuals/groups who made major contributions to the political, economic, social, and cultural development in a given  period; define the basic values and principles of our constitutional system and the pluralistic nature of our states and nation; recognize the historical development of the United States as a world power; and understand the social, political, and economic stance of the United States in the world community.  Emphasis in U.S. History is on critical thinking skills attained through class lectures, discussions, activities, and projects.

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