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Dublin High Social Science: AP Microeconomics


Grade Level:                                   12

Length:                                             1 semester

Prerequisite:                                     Cumulative GPA of 3.0 and US History Teacher recommendation

Graduation:                                     Fulfills Economics of Social Science requirement

College Prep:                                   Fulfills CSU/UC elective requirement, weighted course

Advanced Placement Microeconomics is a course designed to provide students with a challenging, thorough understanding of the specific principles of economics that apply to the individual decision makers, individual households and firms, which fuel our economic system. Students will examine the theory of consumer behavior, which includes opportunity cost and incentives. Emphasis will be placed on the nature and functions of product markets, where students will evaluate determinants of supply and demand, production and costs, and the theory of the firm.  Students will also examine the behavior of factor markets, and will explore the role of government in promoting the economic goals of equity and efficiency.   Students are required to take the AP exam in May.

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