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Dublin High Math and Science: ROP Water Pollution Control


School Site:                                     Dublin San Ramon Services District Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility

Grade Level:                                   11-12

Length:                                             1 year/15 hours per week  

Prerequisite:                                     Completion of Algebra I and Chemistry

                                                           Pre-screening interview required.

Graduation:                                     Fulfills elective req.

College Prep:                                   CSU Sacramento – Certificate

Prepare to operate and maintain the wastewater treatment plant under direction of plant personnel.  Learn to tend machinery and equipment connected with biological treatment processes; read and interpret charts, flow meters, and gauges; collect samples; perform process tests; and related duties.  Completion of this course prepares students for certification as wastewater treatment plant operators and entry-level employment.  Program is helpful for students who wish to enter maintenance, laboratory, collection system, or water distribution work.    Must attend pre-enrollment orientation.

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