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Dublin High Math and Science: ROP Environmental Science


School Site:                                     Dublin, Foothill

Grade Level:                                   11-12

Length:                                             1 year/2 hours per day  

Prerequisite:                                     Algebra 1 or equivalent and one lab science class with “C” or better

Graduation:                                     Fulfills Physical Science and Life Science requirements

College Prep:                                   Fulfills CSU/UC lab science req.

Gain the knowledge and skills to understand cause and management of environmental issues and interactions.  Learn basic laboratory and field techniques including specimen sampling and processing, site monitoring, documentation, inspection and emergency response.  Become familiar with the Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  Incorporate academic rigor with practical application by exploring the links between environment, politics, and economics.  Gain a broad awareness of environmental science and technological career opportunities through involvement with local environmental businesses, educational research institutes, and national labs.  Students should be prepared to participate in outdoor filed work requiring some physical activity and willingness to get dirty.

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