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Dublin High Math and Science: Honors Chemistry


Grade Level:                                     10-12

Length:                                              1 year

Prerequisite:                                      Concurrent enrollment in Algebra II with Trigonomtry or above; completion of all semesters of previous math and science classes (including Biology) with B or better; permission of the instructor

Graduation:                                      Fulfills physical science requirement

College Prep:                                    Fulfills CSU/UC lab science requirement

Honors Chemistry is a rigorous class meant for students intending to major in math/science/computers/pre-med. Use of a graphing calculator is required for this course. Chemistry is concerned with the chemical properties of substances. Topics include: properties of matter; atomic theory, electron clouds and probability, periodic trends, chemical formulas, chemical reactions, chemical bonding kinetic theory, the gas laws, properties of solutions, reaction rates, acids and bases, oxidation-reduction and entropy.

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