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Dublin High Math and Science: AP Computer Science A


  • Grade Level: 10-12
  • Length: 1 year
  • Prerequisite: Concurrently enrolled in Geometry or higher, teacher recommendation
  • Graduation: Fulfills elective requirement
  • College Prep: Fulfills CSU/UC “g” elective credit, weighted grade

What makes this course interesting?  Learn to design and implement computer programs that solve problems relevant to today’s society, including art, media, and engineering Learn to apply programming tools and solve complex problems through hands-on experiences and examples.  Computer Science A emphasizes object-oriented programming methodology with an emphasis on problem solving and algorithm development and is meant to be the equivalent of a first-semester college course in computer science. It also includes the study of data structures and abstraction.  This course covers the following topics: Program implementation, program analysis, standard data structures, standard algorithms, and computing in context.


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