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The College Campus Tour Project Featuring Dublin High School Alum

October 7, 2018

College campus tours are a ritual of the college admissions process, both fun and stressful, making the reality of the transition to college more real and present. For years now we’ve published the stories of Dublin High School alum during (Life in College Series) and after (Life After College Series) college.

We’re now inviting Dublin High School alum to share tours of their college campuses – from a student’s perspective. These tours will go beyond the glossy brochures that are flooding mailboxes across Dublin and show what it’s like to walk across campus. We’ll be updating this story as more tours arrive, each tour shared to use using Bulletin, from Google. (Contact us at for an invite code to Bulletin to add your campus tour.)


UC Berkeley campus (photo credit: Madison Hildenbrand)

With no further ado here are our campus tours, with more coming soon!

UC San Diego Campus Tour (Amy Peng)

Amy’s full UC San Diego campus tour is available here.

UC Berkeley Campus Tour (Madison Hildenbrand)

Madison’s full UC Berkeley campus tour is available here.

UCLA Campus Tour (Pranav Singh)

Pranav’s full UCLA campus tour is available here.

UC Santa Cruz Campus Tour (Krishna Pandian)

Krishna’s full UC Santa Cruz campus tour is available here.

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Week of Welcome (Kiana Meagher)

Kiana’s full WOW story is available here.

USC Campus Tour (Loic Alini)

Loic Alini’s full USC campus tour is available here.

Dublin High School Campus Tour (Neha Harpanhalli)

And, of course, a tour of Dublin High School by OneDublin’s Student Reporter Neha Harpanhalli is available here.

Add your college campus tour using Bulletin, from Google!

Adding your college campus tour is easy! If you are a Dublin High School alum (or current student / parent) you can capture a campus tour on-the-fly right from your smartphone using Bulletin, from Google (you’ll need an invite code – just ask us for a code

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