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Dublin School Board Selects Promenade for 2nd Comprehensive High School Location

June 13, 2018

DUBLIN, CA–The Dublin Unified School District moved a step closer to a second comprehensive high school location at last night’s Board of Trustees meeting with the selection of the Promenade location on the east side of Dublin. The 23.4 acre Promenade site, one of eleven sites reviewed by the Community Review Committee, was originally intended to be a retail center tucked inside residential units but was never developed and has been a vacant lot for almost 20 years.

The Dublin Unified School District Board of Trustees voted 4-1 in favor of the Promenade location at last night’s board meeting with Board President Amy Miller along with Trustees Dan Cunningham, Joe Giannini, Megan Rouse voting in favor and Board Vice President Dan Cherrier opposing.

“The selection of the Promenade site moves us one critical step closer to the goal of having a second comprehensive high school in Dublin,” said Dr. Leslie Boozer, Superintendent, Dublin Unified School Districts. “With a specific site in mind, we can focus on acquiring the land and working with an architect to design a new campus. The Promenade site is geared towards an innovative urban high school design and will be unique among DUSD sites. From the ground up, Dublin has the opportunity to build a 21st century high school that will provide its students with incredible opportunities on academic, artistic and athletic levels. This is very exciting.”

According to a presentation by architectural consulting firm Lionakis, which analyzed converting Fallon Middle School into a high school and developing the Promenade location, both locations would support a school with up to 2,500 students, with the Promenade location providing more capacity for parking and two access roads (vs. only one at the Fallon location). Lionakis estimates a 49-month build schedule (assuming an initial phase supporting 1,000 students), including site acquisition / entitlements, design, DSA / bid and construction. Based on that estimate the earliest opening data would be the 2022-23 school year.

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 10.51.38 AMDublin Second Comprehensive High School Conceptual Site Plan (Promenade location)

As per the agenda item,

“The district has a future need for another high school, and the community voted in support of Measure H to start the initial phases for a new high school. The Board of Trustees have identified funds from Measure H for the first phase of construction and the purchase of land. Various options are being considered for the new high school as presented by staff and confirmed by the Community Review Committee (CRC), who presented their findings in February 2018 to the Board of Trustees.”

Materials provided with the agenda item included the timeline of the selection process and steps taken, a review of the CRC’s recommendations and discuss the five recommended sites, a presentation regarding converting Fallon Middle School into a future high school and the Board’s preferred future school site the Promenade.

District staff engaged Lionakis architects to perform an analysis to convert Fallon Middle School into a potential high school, as well as the future development of the Promenade site for a high school.

The DUSD presentation includes summary information on additional sites considered, including the large DiManto properties along Tassajara Boulevard. DUSD notes that DiManto is an “unwilling seller – eminent domain action required, with
severance damages possible and longer timeline”. Regarding the Fallon Sports Park the DUSD presentation notes: “[City of Dublin] has indicated during staff and board committee meetings that they are not interested in joint use unless same size park of 60 acres can be purchased within City boundaries for land swap and full reimbursement for improvements in land are made to City”.

Based on the CRC and Lionakis analysis the Dublin Unified School District recommended selection of the Promenade location.

  1. NoName permalink
    June 18, 2018 6:58 am

    Worst idea ever! The traffic and noise from the football field is going to make this area uninhabitable. Traffic will back up on both Central and Dublin BLVD and people will be cutting through on Brannigan… Wow!

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