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Suzanne Henricksen Explores Shaping a Passionate Future at TEDxEmeraldGlenPark

May 3, 2018

DUBLIN, CA–As I recently shared, our theme for this year’s TEDxEmeraldGlenPark event is “Future.” Suzanne Henricksen, entrepreneur, will explore the power of true passion and what she calls “happy in my soul” moments. Suzanne will share how these moments can shape our future. According to her, “It is in those moments that we are authentic and capable of building and shaping an exciting version of the future.”

While most people believe they are “passionate” about some activities, Suzanne’s TEDxEmeraldGlenPark talk will challenge us to think deeper about what is means to be passionate. “Many of us use the word passion as a way to describe things that we’re, well, passionate about… but is your passion truly cycling if all you do is get on your bike once a week? Is your passion truly food and alcohol if you just enjoy eating and drinking every day?” asks Suzanne. “This is a call to action to all of us who have passions to really and truly develop them. Develop them from hobbies and things you love and wish you had more time for to true passions that you prioritize as a critical key to your own happiness, success and growth.”suzanne-henricksen-768x768

This message promises to resonate with our community of thrivers and do-ers. “In this crazy, over-connected world we all live in it’s easy to devalue and not make time for our true passions,” says Suzanne. “Let’s dive in, connect deeply, stimulate parts of our brain that lie dormant in our day to day life and really, truly slow down to savor this life that we all have one chance to live and be amazed at the greatness that comes from it!”

From a young age, Suzanne has noticed these moments in life that she calls “happy in my soul” moments. At TEDxEmeraldGlenPark, she will explain how to identify and embrace these moments. “These moments make you forget about everything else in your life as you find yourself completely absorbed in what you’re doing. Moments where, gasp, you actually forgot you even had a phone for a while because you were so viscerally in the present,” she explains. “For me, these moments have always revolved around food and drink culture, art and stories… and they have always shaped me, my life, my future.”

Suzanne Henricksen is the founder of The Crafty Cask, a media company focused on celebrating craft alcohol producers, telling their stories and educating enthusiasts along the way. By trade, she’s a market researcher and storyteller, having spent over 11 years as a senior level marketer at The Clorox Company in Oakland, California. She also has an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Most core to her soul, however, Suzanne is a taste-of-place, cultural explorer, which is where she is likely to find “happy in my soul” moments. When not eating and drinking her way around the world, she resides in San Francisco with her spoiled cat, Cali Sushi.

Attending TEDxEmeraldGlenPark is a great way to get connected, get inspired, and get excited about our unique community and how the “happy in my soul” moments of passion can shape our future. Your presence would help create an enriching, intellectually stimulating experience for yourself and other attendees. And, of course, Suzanne’s talk will surely inspire you to seek the “happy in my soul” moments in your own life! A limited number of tickets are available online for you to purchase. There will be no tickets available at the door, so make sure you don’t miss out! I am so excited to meet and share ideas with this community. Let’s make this TEDx event one to remember.


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