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School Overcrowding Protests Planned at Dublin Crossing “Boulevard” Development this Sunday

June 10, 2017

DUBLIN, CA–Local activist group “Dubliners United” has announced a second weekend of protests in front of the Dublin Crossing Boulevard development this Sunday June 11 from 1pm – 4pm. According to the organizers, “developers have been mitigating their financial responsibilities to the city and the school district to practically nothing” and that “developers must pay their fair share for Dublin schools – the schools that help significantly to sell their homes.” By protesting at the entrance to Dublin Crossing the group hopes to “bring awareness to potential buyers regarding the current state of our schools, how they are crowded and that there is no pathway to date for a second high school.”

The protests, organized through social media and a Nextdoor event posting, build on a large turnout at a recent Dublin Unified School District Board of Trustees meeting where the proposed (and controversial) Zeiss location for a second comprehensive high school was defeated in a narrow 3-2 vote.


Entrance to Boulevard at Dublin Crossing (planned protest location)

According to Dublin resident and activist Kerrie Chabot, “We are protesting to get the attention of developers, the City and the School District, in order to establish a multi-developer agreement that funds the true growth resulting from new housing construction. Dublin residents will continue these protests at developer sites, and raising awareness in the community and with potential home buyers, until the Dublin Unified School District, the City of Dublin Council and developers commit to a timeline and plan to allocate funds. We believe a second comprehensive high school should be first priority in this agreement. It is a win-win opportunity: our great schools help sell developers homes.”

A key point of contention is the $283M school bond (Measure H) Dublin residents passed in June 2016. The bond statement included the following language: “Dublin schools provide an outstanding education and families move here specifically for our schools. As a result, student enrollment has increased significantly. We need Measure H to prevent overcrowding so all students have a modern, high quality education. Measure H will ensure that developers pay their fair share to fund school construction costs. Plus, Measure H will construct the initial phase of a second high school to prevent overcrowding at Dublin High School. In addition, some of our schools are 50 years old and need updates to meet current safety codes. Improvements to science labs, science equipment and instructional technology are needed to provide modern classrooms for students.”

The recent protests at Dublin Crossing are in part due to concerns about how a planned elementary school at the site will be funded. Protesters oppose funds from Measure H being directed to Dublin Crossing school construction, fearing that doing so will undermine the ability to “construct the initial phase of a second high school to prevent overcrowding at Dublin High School”

Dublin Crossing Specific Plan graphic

Dublin Crossing Specific Plan

In the Dublin Crossing Specific Plan a 12-acre site (in blue) is identified for an elementary school. As per the plan, “The Specific Plan provides an opportunity for the Dublin Unified
School District (DUSD) to establish a public school on the site which is designated as School (S). This school site will be designed to accommodate approximately 900 children and could include classrooms, a multi-purpose room, administrative offices parking, and multi-use sports field(s) and playground(s) that will be jointly used by the school and the City for Neighborhood Park purposes. In the event a school does not develop on the site, the parcel may be used entirely for park purposes.”

According to the plan, “The school will serve as a landmark for the Specific Plan area and will express the overall importance of education and recreational spaces to the Dublin community. School designs are regulated by the State of California and Dublin Unified School District. Such requirements shall take precedent over the requirements of this Specific Plan and the design regulation and guidelines contained herein. However, it is encouraged that the school be designed in a manner that is compatible with the surrounding uses, access is provided from two public streets with careful consideration on circulation patterns for pick-up and drop-off, and opportunities for the City and School District to jointly design and utilize play/sports fields and playground areas are provided. The overall design of the school and associated facilities should be distinct and create a campus feel with similar architectural features, materials, and colors.”

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