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Dublin High School Gaels Alum Helping Gaels: Building an Insider College Tour Guide Network

May 1, 2017

mr8-R8uux8QAzARVGbBzwmqpGSFtOwrS4kwmHXZRGA-E07-bYg_MCq8h-3jFwSRrCpxmwVO18JPSI9tTw40mbLw7Bq2a3jDdjLSqY2jhIkBlBhr6HuDHgE3yGxCGDLovicgLeCrpVKOPAaIFP6o1ymRwumsZAGGq-EzTJcYG2zI3zK0JCijHc9vfy0During my college application process, I glanced at each school’s website before deciding whether or not to apply. While looking at University of California schools, I took one look at UC Irvine’s website and decided I was not going to apply there. I judged the entire school based on the few poorly selected pictures I saw. The school website has since been updated, but the pictures I saw were of bland colors and boring buildings.

Despite my initial impression of UC Irvine, I decided I would apply. As many of my Dublin High School fellow alums know, I now attend UC Irvine as an Education Sciences Major and am learning to love my campus.

Why am I talking about my initial impression? I want Dublin High School Alumni that are currently in college to help our fellow Gaels see what our campuses have to offer. I know schools offer a general walking tour, which I do recommend, but to be able to have an insider look and hear personal experiences can truly help influence one’s final decision. I want future college students to know as much as they can about schools before they commit.


With Brandon

After I was accepted to UC Irvine, my mother and I drove down and took a tour of the campus. I was worried whether or not UC Irvine was the right school for me because I did not have a *magical* feeling. What really helped me decide Irvine was the school for me was talking to Dublin High alumni Brandon Fulwiler. Although our schedules never matched up while in Irvine, he was extremely helpful, and answered all the questions I had and told me about his experience as a first year student.

As Brandon did for me, I would love to help out future college students during their decision process by giving them an insider view, answering questions, giving a tour, providing tips, and discussing my experience.


UC Irvine first impressions from its website showcased the oldest buildings!

2240 Paul Merage School of Business Unit 2

But the campus has so much more to offer (image source)

For those Dublin High Alumni that are currently in college and would like to help, please use the attached form (also embedded below) and provide your Name, School, Major, and Contact Info.

(ex: Holly Kiernan, University of California, Irvine, Education Sciences, This article will be updated as more Gaels share their college contact info.

Gaels helping Gaels, that’s what it’s all about. Here are the volunteers so far (there is a form at the bottom to add your name):


  1. John permalink
    May 2, 2017 9:54 am

    Such a great idea – we had two alum (and friends) show us around their schools on Spring Break this year. HUGE impact, really helpful and beneficial…plus fun! Hope this becomes a Go To for alum & current Gaels. Thank you, Anteater Holly!

  2. May 7, 2017 11:32 am

    Thanks John! How exciting for McKenna!

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